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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Loss is Heaven's Gain

Our loss is Heaven's gain, we cry but the Angels sing...

Yesterday, we lost a dear friend whose charm, smile and warmth touched everyone. She and her husband had a once in a lifetime love, so I ask that you say a much needed prayer for him.

We loved her very much and she will be greatly missed.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, Howdy

It's rodeo time in Houston!!  We actually missed the rodeo last year due to poor planning on our part so the last time we went the triplets were 3 and Cody was 1.  Wow, hard to believe this time around Cody is 3.... and we didn't have a quad stroller.  This year was much easier and much more pleasant.  The 1st time around the whining was exhausting, but this time they all seemed to roll with the punches a lot better.

Also, when we went 2 years ago we just did the carnival and didn't actually stay for the rodeo and concert, but this year we held out for the rodeo.  Jerry got us some cheap $10 tickets because we weren't sure if they'd hang that long, but next year we know to splurge (more on this later), because they enjoyed the rodeo.  We still didn't make the concert.  It was 8:30 and we still had to shuttle back to the car and drive home an hour....  with everyone getting tired we bailed out after the rodeo.

Just want to wrap this up with a WHOLLY COW.... activities with the kids are EXPENSIVE!!!!  I always knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so when Jerry and I got married we immediately started living on one salary and putting my salary in savings (I was Director of Fuels Accounting for an Energy Company).  We were able to save from April 2005 until about October 2006 (I worked from home while pregnant and on bed rest) and I'm sooo thankful we chose to start saving before the kids were born.  We never lived on two incomes and we've made it a point to save each month.... but every time we decide to do something with the kids I nearly choke literally on the cost of EVERTHING!!!  I do have my fingers crossed that the new business will bring in some extra cash and I'm over joyed with how it's going thus far.  Right now, I'm booked through the month of April so I am just thrilled.... especially since Jerry want to do a ski trip and Disney World in the coming years.....

Photos taken on husbands phone:
IMAG0114  IMAG0115