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Monday, November 28, 2011

No Description Needed

This is without question one of my favorite posts ever!!

DSC_0881  DSC_0895 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ho Ho Ho....Let it Snow!!

Last Tuesday, it seemed like a good time to load up the kids so they could take their Xmas lists to Santa and I could get a picture of them all.  I opted not to take my camera and just purchase the photos taken by the "pros"...  well, perhaps I should have taken my camera since the photos I purchased were very low resolution and the color balance was WAY off....  my kids were purple.  You can visit the Shabby Jack blog for the before shot.  This is after my "fixes" which are still weak given the poor quality I had to start off with.

Regardless of the photos, the experience was nothing but fabulous.  We've done this every year, but this year they changed this up a bit.  1st, they made it snow in the mall!!!  Before Santa's arrival the snow machines on the second floor started and down came soft real looking foam snow that gathered in our hair for a while before melting.  It was BEAUTIFUL and smelled lovely.

Then Santa showed up in his red pants, boots, undershirt, and suspenders.  He was a splendid Santa with personality to match!!  He started on the second floor with his arrival announced with sleigh bells before coming down the escalator to join the kids.  It was truly a magical moment which left us all smiling.

I helped the kids make lists the night before and they showed Santa what they wanted... no rush, no hurry... he was wonderful with them!!

THANKS, Santa!!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kee Yah!!

Jadon recently started Karate.  Only Jadon...  We had the option of signing up two kids and the other two get to go for free, but I really wanted Jadon to have something he didn't have to share with the girls.  I contemplated signing up Cody, but 4 kids doing activities gets very expensive and he is still so young.  I'm sure we will sign him up when he turns 4.

I can't put into words how much Jadon LOVES Karate.  I have to say the other kids can get a bit out of control, but Jadon is AWESOME.  He can generally get pretty silly, but in class he honestly doesn't let the other kids influence his behavior and takes pride in being good.  He also knows if he's good and sits up straight, he will get called on first for activities.

Being my loving soft spoken boy... I love the pride and confidence which is growing by leaps and bounds with this program.  "You Go Boy"!!!!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

A Couple of First

The kids had their 1st dental visit last week.  I had asked if it would be better to bring them all in at different times, but they said it wasn't necessary and I could bring them all at once.   Well, let me just say... they have a slick operation going....  great play areas while waiting, 4 cleaning chairs manned with super friendly ladies to clean the teeth, dental x-rays right there, and another play room...

We had one getting x-rays while the 3 were getting cleaned and it just rotated from there.  As they finished up, they moved on the play area until everyone was done!!!  Then it was a quick check by the dentist and we were out the door with prizes in hand...  WOW!!!

The facility was top notch and the kids did a PHENOMENAL job...  no fussing or fears... they hopped up and opened up.  They LOVED it!!!  They were given a clean bill of health and were sent home happy for another 6 months.

The other 1st????  I took pictures with my phone....  nope, never done that before....  can't say they turned out great... but I was able to capture our 1st trip to the dentist.

IMAG0003  IMAG0021 
IMAG0006  IMAG0004 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Recap....

Each year I am sooooo excited for Halloween and dressing up the kids and every year I am soooo happy to see it gone for another year.

On Wednesday, the kids had their Halloween parties at school which started with a costume parade in the morning and parties in the afternoon.  This was the 1st time they got to wear their costumes and we were all excited.  I found myself running between classrooms during the parties, but spent more time in Cody's class since I was in charge of games in his class.

Thursday night, the girls got to wear their costumes to dance class, so I once again suited them up and did the senorita and Belle hair do's.  Kaylee is just not happy unless she has a bun like Belle.

Then Saturday night, after celebrating my birthday (and Jerry getting up at 4:30 in the morning to sell our triplet strollers at the Mom's of Multiples garage sale), we once again put the kids in costumes for the neighborhood Halloween party.  I thought it was freezing, but Kaylee went the entire night w/o a jacket...

Finally, on Monday... we dressed for the last time and went trick or treating.  It was a bit warmer and no one wanted to wear a jacket.  The triplets were TOTALLY into the trick or treating and Cody was right there with them although he just kept falling....  On his 4th fall he cried out, "Oh no, not again..."  which is his latest thing he likes to say right now (too much time with Addison perhaps).

The costumes are now in the dress up basket and we are continuing to catch up on our rest... at least for the next few weeks until we start dragging out all of Christmas.

Here are our costumes...  Kaylee loves to pose and I get tons of great shots of her on a regular basis, but this wasn't our best...  Addison always makes funny faces while posing, but doesn't realize it.  Jadon just moves constantly and Cody does ok....  so out of a hand full of shots... these were the best of the lot.