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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Soccer Mom

Today was the kids last soccer game of the season... yes, finally blogging.  I have soooo much to blog....

Our ski trip to Colorado
Jadon lost another tooth
Cody sick with Mono?
and so much more....

But, while this is fresh on my mind... I thought I'd blog.  Cody was on one team and the triplets were on another team.  Practice was Saturday afternoons for 45 minutes followed by a game.  Cody was 1st and then the triplets.  So every Saturday afternoon we were on the field from about 1:45 to 4:15.  IT WAS GREAT!!!  Most of the season the weather was perfect!!  Today is was really hot.

I think Cody is just a natural athlete.  Once he got the concept of the game, he dug in and did really well.  I would venture to say he was one of the all-stars on his team.

The triplets, well they started the season as a handicap to their team.  It was honestly painful to watch their games.  Playing in the dirt, spinning, daydreaming.... dancing.... however, the entire team was a bit lackluster and never won a game.

Well, they gradually improved and today Addison worked her hiney off in the brutal heat and finally scored her 1st goal.  They lost the game (they lost every game), but she was the hero!!  Jadon was doing so much better as was Kaylee.  It was truly a proud day!!!  Everyone went home with medals.

I am hoping they will want to sign up again this Fall because I truly loved watching soccer!!  Way to go guys!!!!!