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Friday, July 30, 2010

Monster Invasion...

Last night Kaylee woke up screaming and crying.  Jerry went up and I overheard her say her toe was hurting.  I recalled her toe looking a little red yesterday, so I then laid in bed worrying that she got a spider bite or something and her toe would have to be removed...  Jerry at this point was asleep again, but me no... wide awake and I never heard another peep out of Kaylee.

This morning I woke the girls and immediately looked at Kaylee's toe which looked like it had a small abrasion, but overall was fine.  Upon waking, she told me there was a monster in her room last night and she was afraid.  Ah, the real story.

At first, I didn't think much about it, but then her story got strange and even gave me the creeps!!!  She said the monster came in her room, but she thought it was Daddy.  It looked at her in her bed then went and stood by the windows.  She thought it was Daddy but it had "Silly Eyes, not like ours."  She pulled the covers over her head and it went away.  OK, CREEPY!!!!  I don't blame her for screaming during the night... poor thing.

Of course, Addison wanted to get in on the act and began describing her monster.  Yea, not so creepy.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go

This past weekend was my grandmother's birthday and it was decided that we would go across town and visit her for a change.  She lives about an hour away.  We joined her for church and lunch.

At lunch, someone asked Addison where honey comes from.  Her response was "From Pooh."  Just thought that was funny. 

I have been SUPER BUSY this week with edits from Gagababy and have spent hours glued to Photoshop, but finally have a break to post.  My parents are heading out of town tomorrow to see Baby Lane so I will be operating solo... ugh...

Cody's vocabulary is out of control.  Each day he shocks me with all he can say.  I even think he may be beyond where the triplets were at his age because he can listen to them and see the response they get.  He knows Yes and No really well and how to use them properly, but his favorite saying which I have to say he's been using for a long time now is "I don't want to."  Gotta love it....




Monday, July 26, 2010

I Heart Purple


This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is "Purple." Head over and view all the spectacular shots!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

True or False

True or False?
I always wanted 4 kids

True or False?
I have an MBA in Accountancy

True or False?
We moved so much I went to 4 different high schools

True or False?
I love Sushi and named one of my dogs Sushi & the other Sake

True or False?
I won best legs on the beach in a bikini contest in Florida

True or False?
I am a night person not a morning person

True or False?
Jerry won me over with his two-step skills on a dance floor

True or False?
Jerry asked me to marry him in the same hotel where my parents spent their honeymoon

True or False?
I hate to shop for myself

True or False?
We have been on the cover of Triplet Connection magazine

True or False?
My singleton was sicker than my triplets when born

True or False?
I was Director of Fuels Accounting for a leading energy company prior to having my babies

True or False?
I'd rather have fried than sweet

True or False?
I love watching American Idol

True or False?
I worked at a tanning salon in college

True or False?
I've never smoked anything including cigarettes

True or False?
My 1st date was my high school prom

True or False?
My best friend was prom queen

True or False?
I'm a proud pro-life advocate

True or False?
I drive a minivan with pride

True or False?
I am one really great friend vs. lots of good friends kinda person

True or False?
I need deadlines

True or False?
I want to homeschool the kids

True or False?
Jerry dislocated my kneecap wrestling playing with me one night

True or False?
My parents are my friends and greatest supporters

True or False?
I love scary movies

True or False?
I hate to drive on freeways

True or False?
I been admitted to the hospital 7 times

True or False?
I screen my phone calls

True or False?
I love my babies more than anything else in this world!!!!

This post was inspired by 4 Little Men and Girlie Twins

All the statements above are true, everything on the list!!!

Here is my only willing model lately...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Idle Chatter

Not much to report....

More and more often I find the girls sleeping in the same bed when I wake them in the mornings and it's only a twin bed...

Today was the last day of Vacation Bible School... ugh...

Oh!!  The girls have both had canker sores in their mouths this week which has made meals unbearable...

Once again... not a whole lot going on....

As I mentioned in an earlier post we are very into The Wizard of Oz right now. I'm the best mom in the world apparently for finding these shoes (Target).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Baby is TWO!!!

Two years ago Sunday morning I was having our 4th and final child Cody.  It's actually hard to believe we have only had him 2 years because it's hard to remember life without him.  When I was pregnant with him, I wondered who he was going to be like... Addison, Kaylee, or Jadon...  We know now that he is his own unique self.  1st... he is a bruiser!!!  He currently weighs the same as the triplets.  He is hard headed and strong willed and he likes to fight...  He keeps me on my toes and keeps the pace around the house hectic, but he is my little man and I  love him beyond words.  Without question someday he will be taller and stronger than the triplets, but he will ALWAYS be my "Baby."

This years theme was Noah's Ark and here is the cake I made for the event:

We celebrated at "Pump it Up"!!! The kids and adult kids had a great time jumping and sliding. Even my 84 year old grandmother went down one of the slides!!!!  (I may post action shots of all the fun later... too much on my plate right now...)



Jerry's mother Barb flew in to town for the special day!!!  Cody's not too happy in this shot.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my handsome little man!!!!!

Here are the kids Stats...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Playing Dress-Up



I took some photos of the girls the other day taking a moment to try on my wedding veil. Oh, you can imagine the emotions that evoked... I've never taken any wedding pics, but thought this picture of Addison (above) was lovely & might work for my Trendy Tuesday entry. WEDDINGS!!!!

Here are some additional pics from playing dress up....


Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's Cookin'?

My Mom is soooo fantastic with the kids and is always looking for ways to entertain.  Yesterday, she brought over the makings for banana bread and let the kids cook.  They had a great time and were sooooo excited to eat what they had made.  THANKS MOM!!!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Paper Mama

This weeks theme at The Paper Mama is your favorite photo. Wow, I can't say I have a favorite, but I love this photo. I took it before I had a fancy camera and fancy editing software. Everything just lined up perfectly to get this shot.
The Paper Mama

Old Cody01

Things Kids Say....

Jadon is our most sensitive and helpless child.  He likes Mommy to do things for him so I'm always pushing him to be more independent.  One thing he wants every morning is for me to carry him downstairs.  Here was our conversation the other morning:

Jadon:  I don't know how to walk
Me:  Yes you do. You are a big boy.
Jadon:  No, I'm not a big boy.  Carry me...
Me:  Oh, you are a big boy.  Cody is a little baby, you are a big boy.
Jadon:  My feet are taking a break.  Carry me.

At night we read books or tell stories before prayers and bed.  If you are the book reader or storyteller, you get to sit in front and everyone else sits on the wall.  Here is a shot of Cody telling his story, The Three Little Pigs.  You couldn't understand but a couple words, but he was sooo into it and adorable!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do I do all day....

I did a post a while back on a day in our house and while things haven't changed much, I thought I'd share yesterday.... another typical day more or less.

6:00 Get myself ready for the day
6:30 Internet updates
6:45 Make Carnation Instant Breakfast for kiddos
7:00 Wake the kids
7:15 Make breakfast
7:30 Feed the kids
7:45 Gather all the laundry and separate
8:00 Start 1st load of laundry - Did 7 or 8 loads yesterday as I had fallen behind
8:00 Pick up the house and make our bed
8:30 Mom arrives
8:45 Folded a load of laundry from night before
9:00 Went through some unpacked boxes from the move
9:30 Rearranged furniture in the bedroom and hooked up stereo in bedroom
10:00 Folded a load of laundry and got the kids dressed from this load
10:00 Mom made the kids bed (normally my job)
10:15 Mom brushed the kids teeth... running late today
10:30 Loaded the kids in the car and went to the paint store (want to paint the offices and niches over fireplace)
11:00 Went to Jack in the Box and picked me up some lunch
11:30 Unloaded the kids and started going through a weeks worth of mail
12:00 Made the kids lunch
12:15 Fed the kids and cleaned up kitchen (mom is picking up toys and folded a load of laundry)
12:45 Changed Cody's diaper and sent all the kids to the potty
1:00 Put the kids down for naps
1:00 Edited 3 photos for GagaBaby and a couple photos for NILMDTS and did a blog post.  Folded laundry.
3:00 Opened the kids doors to get them waking up
3:30 All the kids are up
4:45 Jerry got home and I started dinner
6:00 We ate dinner and I started dishes
6:30 Started working on a project for the girls room (cool frame with several photos)
6:45 Kids out of control...  stopped the project to play with kids
7:45 Everyone upstairs for baths
8:30 Put the kids to bed
8:45 Mopped the house (kids feet were showing signs of dirty floors)
9:15 Worked on a rebate for Jerry's new phone
9:45 Washed face and got ready for bed and put away our folded laundry
9:56 to be exact... Climbed into bed
10:15 Turned down the volume on the TV and went to sleep....

By the Pool - Flashback


This weeks Shutter Love Tuesdays theme is "By the Pool"... Here is a shot of Jadon at the San Antonio hotel pool which was a cool lagoon style pool. The girls were playing by him splashing, so I love the water around him in the air...

Monday, July 12, 2010

But Why?????

You always hear comedians talk about how kids go through the "Why" stage and I knew there had to be some truth to it...  well, we are now living it!!  I feel like it doesn't matter what I say, Jadon's response is "But Why?" 

Jadon:  Can I have some more goldfish
Me:  No, I'm sorry they are all gone
Jadon:  But why?
Me:  Because you ate them all
Jadon:  But why?
Me:  Cause they are all in your belly
Jadon:  Oh....  Buy why?

The thing is he honestly isn't being cute or sassy...  he is really asking why.... to everything!!!!

Here are some pictures I took after the kids took baths the other night. I have a couple more to edit and should get them posted soon.


Friday, July 9, 2010

A Couple of Firsts

We watched our 1st non-animated movie, The Wizard of Oz.  To be honest, I didn't think the kids were old enough to enjoy it, but we watched it over three nights after baths to aid with the attention spam and I did a lot of narrating, but they LOVED it...  Even Cody!!!  They have watched it twice since.

The triplets had their 1st (and second) swimming lesson this week.  We found a great private instructor who lives in the neighborhood and she is fantastic!!  While nothing with kids is cheap, this is some of the best money spent!!  I can't wait for Cody to participate.

Our summer schedule:
Mondays - Errands
Tuesdays - The Little Gym (a favorite with the kids)
Wednesdays - Errands
Thursdays - Summer Camp (was 4 weeks long and was over yesterday)
Fridays - Swim Lessons & Errands
Week of the 19th - Vacation Bible School...
We are a busy house!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Of July

Here is a photo I love of the kids taking turns putting up our flag, so this is my submission for the week!!!
Shutter Love Tuesday has a "4th of July" Theme and In A Yellow House is "Black & White or Sepia with selective color."  This shot hits them both perfectly!!!
ShutterLoveTuesdays BWS tips button


Here are some other photos from the weekend in my attempt to get some good shots of the kids. I really only had one willing participant, Kaylee. There was a ton of fighting over the flag, so we also had a few time outs. I didn't get any good shots of Addison who was being very dramatic at the time. After sorting through all the sad face teary photos, here are the few I felt were worth keeping.... Maybe I'll post some shots of the drama tomorrow?????

We did have a really great weekend!!! We spent Saturday at my uncles house and let the kids swim a bit.

Sunday night we found a great spot to watch fireworks and put blankets down in the back of my parents truck and watched the show!!! Everyone loved them except Addison. She isn't big on noise and put her hand over her mouth in fear (usually she puts them over her ears).  DSC_0045

After a few minutes she relaxed a bit, but wouldn't move her hand... She was too sweet!! Kaylee melted down when they were over cause she wanted more. I was happy to see that Mr. Cautious Jadon loved them as did baby brother Cody.

Monday the triplets had their 1st swim lesson and we let them practice at the local pool where the water is shallow enough they can stand!!! All in all great weekend!!!