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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things Kids Say....

Jadon is our most sensitive and helpless child.  He likes Mommy to do things for him so I'm always pushing him to be more independent.  One thing he wants every morning is for me to carry him downstairs.  Here was our conversation the other morning:

Jadon:  I don't know how to walk
Me:  Yes you do. You are a big boy.
Jadon:  No, I'm not a big boy.  Carry me...
Me:  Oh, you are a big boy.  Cody is a little baby, you are a big boy.
Jadon:  My feet are taking a break.  Carry me.

At night we read books or tell stories before prayers and bed.  If you are the book reader or storyteller, you get to sit in front and everyone else sits on the wall.  Here is a shot of Cody telling his story, The Three Little Pigs.  You couldn't understand but a couple words, but he was sooo into it and adorable!!

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