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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What do I do all day....

I did a post a while back on a day in our house and while things haven't changed much, I thought I'd share yesterday.... another typical day more or less.

6:00 Get myself ready for the day
6:30 Internet updates
6:45 Make Carnation Instant Breakfast for kiddos
7:00 Wake the kids
7:15 Make breakfast
7:30 Feed the kids
7:45 Gather all the laundry and separate
8:00 Start 1st load of laundry - Did 7 or 8 loads yesterday as I had fallen behind
8:00 Pick up the house and make our bed
8:30 Mom arrives
8:45 Folded a load of laundry from night before
9:00 Went through some unpacked boxes from the move
9:30 Rearranged furniture in the bedroom and hooked up stereo in bedroom
10:00 Folded a load of laundry and got the kids dressed from this load
10:00 Mom made the kids bed (normally my job)
10:15 Mom brushed the kids teeth... running late today
10:30 Loaded the kids in the car and went to the paint store (want to paint the offices and niches over fireplace)
11:00 Went to Jack in the Box and picked me up some lunch
11:30 Unloaded the kids and started going through a weeks worth of mail
12:00 Made the kids lunch
12:15 Fed the kids and cleaned up kitchen (mom is picking up toys and folded a load of laundry)
12:45 Changed Cody's diaper and sent all the kids to the potty
1:00 Put the kids down for naps
1:00 Edited 3 photos for GagaBaby and a couple photos for NILMDTS and did a blog post.  Folded laundry.
3:00 Opened the kids doors to get them waking up
3:30 All the kids are up
4:45 Jerry got home and I started dinner
6:00 We ate dinner and I started dishes
6:30 Started working on a project for the girls room (cool frame with several photos)
6:45 Kids out of control...  stopped the project to play with kids
7:45 Everyone upstairs for baths
8:30 Put the kids to bed
8:45 Mopped the house (kids feet were showing signs of dirty floors)
9:15 Worked on a rebate for Jerry's new phone
9:45 Washed face and got ready for bed and put away our folded laundry
9:56 to be exact... Climbed into bed
10:15 Turned down the volume on the TV and went to sleep....

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