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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank You God... for Stickers???

I was driving the kids home from "school" this afternoon and the conversation went something like this...

Jadon:  I'm going to ask God to make it froggy
Me:  Foggy?  You want it to be foggy?
Jadon:  Yes, that's why God makes it froggy.
Me:  ?  What do you mean?  Foggy?  What does foggy mean?
Jadon:  It means cloudy
(ok, he is in fact saying foggy)
Me:  Yep, you are right God can make it foggy.
Jadon:  God makes flowers grow, and grass grow, and trees beautiful with apples.  God makes everything.
Kaylee:  and beautiful flags (we had just driven past an American flag)
Addison:  and beautiful stickers....

I don't know what it is about kids and stickers, but they are a favorite in our house.

On a side note, I am without camera....  My camera is no longer tripping my external flash remotely (which it used to) and after working with the manager at Ritz camera for about 20 minutes we determined it's the camera, so I've mailed it off for repairs....  I'll go through and find some recent photos to post to keep things interesting.  My favorite part of blogs are the pictures, so I want to keep up our photos until the return of my camera.

On another note...  I picked up our Christmas cards today and was asked to provide the copyright release form.  I told her I took the photo myself and she then had me fill out a copyright release as the photographer.  I told her she made my day!!!!  While I LOVE taking pictures and am always trying to get better, I'd NEVER promote myself as a professional.


Monday, November 29, 2010

I Heart Scenic Black & White

Wow, this weeks entries at I Heart Faces are AMAZING.... so check them out!!!!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Joy of Christmas

On Thursday, we put up our Christmas tree. Jerry would open an ornament, give it to one of the babies, and they would walk it over to me to be put on the tree. We opened several "Our 1st Christmas Together" ornaments which we got the year we were married and the hung lots of "Babies 1st Christmas" ornaments and my heart nearly over flowed with emotion. The babies are older and are now sooo excited about Christmas and the upcoming visit from Santa Claus. I try to count my blessings each and every day and hope to keep the JOY OF CHRISTMAS in my heart this holiday season. I also try to remind the kids at every opportunity that Christmas is about Christ and His birth and we should never forget that. I hope all of you who read this, have a wonderful, joyous and blessed Christmas season.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nothing to Report


No time to post and not much to report, so thought I'd just share a picture of Cody.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Do You Have a Square to Spare?

"It's Not Over Until The Paperwork Is Finished"
"It's Not Over Until The Paperwork Is Finished"

In my previous post, I showed all the shots of Cody with piles of toilet paper, but in the end chose this photo as my I Heart Faces submission.

 It was after the kids finished playing and tearing up a roll of toilet paper that Cody sat down on his potty seat, doggie and empty toilet paper roll in hand and I took this picture.

 It was hard to choose, but for some reason this one struck a cord. Check out the other toilet paper shots HERE.

Toilet Paper - Take One...

Today, I bought some black fabric and was determined to participate in this weeks I Heart Faces competition... "Paper".

I loved these shots of Cody and when we had finished up, I let the kids go crazy with one roll of paper... So which picture to choose??? You'll see in the next post...


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hello Mr. Turkey

This week was the kids Thanksgiving Feast at school in which parents were invited, so of course Jerry and I were there.  We had to be there after hearing the kids talk about their feast preparations when I'd pick them up from school.  "Mom, we made turkeys to decorate the tables"!!!  "Mom, we sang on stage again today."  The feast consisted of a singing debut on stage (2 songs, one being "Hello, Mr. Turkey) and then lunch with Mom and Dad at a table the kids had decorated.  It was fantastic!!!!
Mr turkey collage

Ok, I don't upload video because it doesn't show up in the blog2print book I create each year for the kids from this blog... so I'm not very good at it.  I took this video with a HD camera and quality is excellent, but to get it posted on the blog I had to take the quality WAY WAY down, but you can still get the idea.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Year Well Child... Didn't go so well.

The triplets are now 4 and along with that comes the Four Year Well Child exam.  Our appointment was at 3:15 and we got in right away and we left at 5:15.  Not because they were slow, but because you have to cram a lot into that appointment.  Temperatures were taken, blood pressure checked, height, weight, etc.  Then a hearing and eye screen was performed which everyone passed with flying colors.  Then the doctor joined us and looked everyone over and we discussed each child.  Everyone was having a great time up to this point...

When the nurse returned, I had my Mom remove two of the kids and Addison stayed with me...  then the shots began.  She laid, I pulled her pants down and held her hands.  I told her she was gonna get a little pinch, then the torture began...  WHAM... One, Two, Three, and Four.  I took her sobbing out to Mom and brought Kaylee to the torture chamber.

Once again... it began... she actually did ok with shots One and Two, but Thee and Four got her attention.  I took her screaming into Mom.  Addison now had a lollypop and the nurse asked Kaylee if she wanted one.  Kaylee responded with a strong YES.

I took Jadon and he said, "Mom, don't forget I want a lollypop too."  I took him in and he asked, "Mom, why are you pulling my pants down?"  I told him he was going to get a little pinch.  Then WHAM....  his mouth went open and his face went red, but no noise came out until all 4 blows had been delivered.  Then the screams followed and he kept saying, "That hurted me!!!!"  over and over.  To this day, he still calls the shot a little pinch.  "That little pinch hurted me.  I don't want to go back to that bad doctor again."

Jadon and Addison have been very sore since the shot, but are starting to walk around more today and seem better and everyone ran fever the day after the shots.  It was BRUTAL and broke my heart, but everyone is doing great.  Jadon does have low muscle tone which may contribute to his poor eating and we are going to pursue some therapy to help strengthen him, but he is doing great!!

In the car on the way home we told Jadon he could get out his doctor kit and play giving us shots, he said in tears, "NO, I'M GONNA GIVE THE BAD OL' DOCTOR A SHOT!!!!"

Once again, we are on the small side:
32lbs 8oz 28th%
40.5" 66th%

29lbs 8oz 7th%
40.25" 60th%

31lbs 8oz 12th%
40.25" 47th%

Here is the kids growth chart, you can click on it to enlarge:

Jerry is having to carry Jadon because he can't walk since his 'little pinch' still hurts.

And here is a shot of Cody... our big boy and our baby!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trendy Birthday



The triplets had a birthday this month, so I was excited to see the Trendy theme this week is Birthdays!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post It and It WILL Happen (I hope)

Ok,  I'm not a cook.  I do cook on occasion generally maybe once or twice a week, but I have to confess, my babies are restaurant babies.  They know all the restaurants by name... Cafe Express, Chili's, Mi Rancho, Black Eye Pea... etc.

Well, I am trying REALLY  hard to start cooking at least 4 nights a week.  I HATE it and I'm not good at it, but I hope I'll get better over time.  SO...  I'm posting about this little endeavor so you can keep me honest and on track!!!!

Here is a photo of our hamburger steak meal from the other night.  No, I'm not into taking photos of our food, although I was quite proud of this meal, but I initially took it for Ashley Sisk's (the ROCK STAR of photography blogging and comment queen) scavenger hunt challenge ("Homemade").  Well, this was the as far as I got in the challenge.  If I only had more time....


Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Dreaming of Disney

Blue Monday.... oh how I hate blue Monday....

We had a super busy weekend starting with the last warm night of the week Friday, we decided to take the kids to the "sandbox restaurant" and let them play, so when we returned home we had 4 very dirty little bodies.  We stripped them down in the garage and had them march straight to the bathroom tub.

Saturday, we ran errands in the morning and when the kids went down for naps, I colored my hair (yes, too much grey) in an effort to get ready for a wedding later that night.  When my parents showed up at 3:45 I was glamourous and ready for a night out.  We drove downtown and attended a truly fantastic wedding.  My parents took the kids to dinner and a movie (Toy Story 3) at the Church.  We were home in bed at around Midnight and up again at 7:00 for Church.  After church we ate a quick lunch then took the kids to see .....

Disney on Ice...  Princess Wishes!!!

They were SUPER EXCITED and the show was fantastic.  There were dragons, fire, fire works, and lots on princesses.  When the show was over Kaylee turned and gave me a huge bear hug then went to Jerry and gave him one.  My legs however are still in recovery from the event.  See, we purchased 6 seats because you have to have a seat for each person, but we only really used 2 seats.  I held two kids and Jerry held two kids, so they could be high enough to see well over the heads in front of us.  By the time the show was over, I couldn't feel my feet!!!

We purchased a $15.00 show program which the kids have looked through many times since and it came with a fake pink rose.  Due to fighting over the rose,  my Mom bought them 4 red roses at the dollar store this morning.  We quickly learned they couldn't remain long stem because Cody kept whacking everyone with them...  now they are 4 short stem roses.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Price of Beauty

Wow... how expensive is it to dress kids???? As we enter the winter season and say goodbye to summer I find myself once again struggling to dress the kids. The other day, my Mom and I went through the girls winter clothes from last year to ascertain what doesn't fit and needs to find a new home, what still fits, and what can be let out to fit. Then the shopping to fill in the gaps began. I try to shop smart, but even at that... four $15 dollar items is $60 bucks and that doesn't make a dent in a wardrobe. The girls need brown shoes, black shoes, and tennis shoes. The boys need dress shoes and play shoes... We need 4 heavy coats and 4 jackets... the list goes on.... But, I regularly get compliments on the kids clothes which makes me feel good.

Funny, I can walk out the door in sweats, t-shirt, hair clip, and no make-up... but heaven forbid the kids walk out without matching bows, socks, and shoes.

Anyways, I want to thank Walmart, Target, Kolh's, and Ross for their great sales and contributions to our wardrobes....


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Innocence of a Child

Monica over at Pixel Perfect is having a VERY FUN photo challenge themed "The Innocence of a Child." I loved this photo of Addison spinning on the beach and Jadon behind her.


Need a Smile?

Thought I'd Share This One

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, what did you do all day? You ask....

I am always tired...  I've just learned to live with it...  I don't have much to report so thought I'd recap the day.  I like to do this every now and then so 20 years from now I can remember the super crazy days.

Today, woke at 6:00, showered and cleaned up for the day.
6:45 make the kids carnation instant breakfast
7:00 woke the girls
7:10 woke the boys
7:30 fed the kids
7:30 - 8:45 made beds, dressed kids, brushed teeth...
8:45 loaded in the car for school
9:00 dropped them at school after kisses and goodbye's
9:10 drive through food
9:30 ish Hit the post office
9:30 - 12:15 Went to Ross, Walmart, and the grocery store
12:30 Unloaded groceries and grabbed a bite, and chatted with Mom
12:45 Went to get babies from school
1:15 Homeward bound
1:30 ish had everyone potty and get in bed for naps
1:45 - 2:30 Rested
2:30 Worked on checkbook
3:30 Let the kids up from naps
4:00 Edited photos
4:45 Jerry home
5:00 Started dinner
6:30 We ate
6:45 Started dishes
7:15 More checkbook work
8:00 Started this post....

Everyday... this is the day...  But I LOVE my LIFE!!!


Monday, November 8, 2010

I Heart Orange


I soooo LOVE LOVE LOVE I Heart Faces and this weeks theme is "orange." Head over and check out all the other AMAZING entries.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Gonna Skunk You....

Jerry is upstairs watching football.  Poor guy has to watch his games via DVR after the kids go to bed given you just cannot watch TV with 4 little ones running around.  Fortunately, we don't watch much TV so we don't feel like we are missing anything.

We have been playing a lot of games with the kids the last few months.  Candy Land and Uno Moo are the favorites.  In Uno Moo, if you play the Skunk animal, the next person has to draw another animal (a penalty of sorts).  So, we started saying,  "I'm gonna skunk you."  The term recently has been finding it's way into our daily lives and conversations.  Jerry and I were out one evening and discussing one of his co-workers...  Jerry said, "he just needs to watch himself or he's gonna get skunked."  I can't tell you how often we say skunked around here.

Here are some pictures of recent outdoor play...


Friday, November 5, 2010


I am soooo glad it's finally Friday and I can sleep until 8:00 tomorrow.  For the 1st time since the kids started school right after their 2nd birthday, I came home after dropping them off yesterday and crawled back up in bed and watched a movie (My Sister's Keeper).  Cried through the whole thing, but sooo enjoyed the escape into another world for 2 hours.  "Me time" is hard to come by around here, so this was a nice break.

The other night we were eating dinner:
Kaylee:  "Hey Mom, Hey, Hey..... Hey."
Me:  "Kaylee, Hay is for horses, what do you say?"
Kaylee:  "Excuse me....  I was just trying to have a conversation with you."

Where did she learn this???  She is our most advanced socially and amazes me with what she comes up with.

Jadon on the other hand thinks he's a cow right now, so conversation with him go more like this.
Me:  "Jadon I need you to come and get your teeth brushed."
Jadon:  "No, I'm Baby Cow."
Me: "Ok, Baby Cow, I need you to come and get your teeth brushed."
Jadon:  "Ok, Mommy Cow."

Well, the kids are out back playing, so I think I'll join them.