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Monday, November 1, 2010

No Longer 4 Under 4

This past week, my babies turned FOUR years old...  I remember when I could say I had 4 under 2 and now it's 4 under 5...  It has been a SUPER BUSY WEEK with a lot to blog about, but I wanted to start with the birthday.  Since their birthday fell during the week, we decided to celebrate the Sunday before their birthday.  We 1st went to church and the triplets went to the children's liturgy for the 1st time (you have to be between 4 and 6 years old).  I remember when we took 4 month olds to church and 4 year olds seemed sooooo far away.  Kaylee was sweet taking Jadon's hand and walking him through the church.  We came home, napped them and I started the decorating.  When they woke up we let them play on the blow up bouncer in the back yard and then we went in for gifts.  Ohhh, the excitement!!!  We finished up at a local restaurant with a big sandbox and let the kids get dirty.

Ok, a few notes for the kids.....

You are very into the Wizard of Oz right now, so please know your mother searched and ordered your cake topper figurines off of 3 different sites and googled for hours to find them.  When you were asleep Saturday night I stayed up until 11:00 making your cake.  Addison, the appropriate response to seeing your cake for the 1st time is "WOW, thank you Mommy!!", not, "Where are the munchkins?"

Next year, can we please avoid swan diving off of the outdoor bouncer? Addison, it took a couple of days for your ankle to heal and birthday injuries are not welcome...

While you were fast asleep napping, your mother was at the Dollar Store getting balloons for the big day. I drove home with a car full of helium balloons and then when I got home, I blew up a ton of balloons. Kaylee, next year make it your mission to enjoy the balloons a while before seeing how fast you can pop them.  It may be next year before we recover the helium balloons from the living room ceiling.

We had fun straws, streamers, and party hats. Jadon, next year you might try wearing the blue birthday hat instead of the pink birthday crown all day.  It's only a suggestion.

To all, great care and effort goes into wrapping your gifts and making them beautiful for you to open... may I suggest slowing down just a bit before tearing into those pretty packages?  I felt a bit like I was in the middle of a shark feeding frenzy.

Cody,  so eager to help and participate.  While the slinky's were for the triplets I think you got the most play out of them.  Of course, now after less than a week they are mess of twisted and tangled steel never again to "walk down stairs."

When returned from the restaurant, it was time to sing happy birthday. We had to sing twice to you Addison since you had a melt down when Cody tried to help you blow out the candles, perhaps we could roll with the punches a bit better next year. Jadon love, the green frosting and yellow frosting all tastes the same so there is no need to insist on only eating one color. Also, please note after a long and yes, hard day.... we had to bathe you all since you were covered with sand and cake... and then Mommy cleaned up the disaster of a house after tornado triplets birthday blew through.... maybe next year we could keep the over exhausted tears to a minimum during baths.

Now, of course your real birthday was later in the week, so the night before your birthday after you went to bed, I stayed up until 11:30 making cookies and gift bags for your class. I woke the next morning at 5:30 to decorate the cookies with your names. Yes, Mommy made those cookies... not your teachers.

Now, your birthday is officially over and I have four year olds. I love you more than anything else in this world and I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!!!
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  1. Tracy, You can feel the love in this blog post! I feel so much in common with you just reading your blog. You can tell you truly love your family and being a Mom. I would have to agree! Happy Birthday to your babies!

  2. I laughed so hard reading your notes to the kids! I need to remember that for Emmy. Happy Birthday to best little cousins to share my birthday!


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