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Friday, September 25, 2009

Love being an aunt

Just wanted to share a couple pics of my beautiful nephew Lane!!! He is now 3 months old. I snagged them off my brother's blog and played with them a bit.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sea World the final days...

On Saturday, we skipped breakfast in the hotel and opted for McDonald's or as the kids call it 'Ol McDonald's to save time and get to Sea World when it opened... Sea World was a lot of fun. We got to pet dolphins, feed sea lions, and watched some outstanding shows, but the crowds were bad even for off season. Unfortunately, they are closed during the week. What really blew my mind however were the prices!!!! Wholly Cow

Parking $15 or upgrade to closer for $20
Adults $56 per person
Children 3-12 years $48 per child
Food for animals extra, drinks, food, etc... extra

Our vacations will never be as cheap as this one.... once all the kids turn 3, we are gonna have to pay up.....

Once again, we had room service in the room. On Sunday we woke and had breakfast, went swimming, then showered and checked out for the ride home.

All in all, it was a memorable and fun filled vacation with my beautiful family.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Zoo, "Yes, they are triplets"

Friday began the same as the previous day, but when we loaded up we were off to the San Antonio zoo. Thought this outing would require our quad stroller and we were right. Didn't take long to wear out the crew at which point they climbed in and out of the stroller at leisure. Once again, it was off season and during the week so crowds were not a problem. We saw a mother & daddy monkey cleaning their 3 week old baby... too adorable. The little monkey spent the whole time trying to escape the cleaning ritual of it's parents which made me laugh... it's all the same no matter the species. I think we didn't leave a cage un-viewed and once again had a marvelous time. In the video with the panther you can overhear me talking with someone.... "Yes, they are triplets....." When we left the kids once again slept in the car and headed to the river walk. We drew a lot of eyes on the river walk with our quad stroller, but it didn't stop us. We folded the stroller up and took all the kids on a boat ride along the river. It was very enjoyable for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the ride is 35 minutes long. After the boat we ate a Mexican restaurant next to the water and we were serenaded by a mariachi group. I think they sang La Cu ca Rocha and The Chicken Dance for the kids. Another great day, but we unfortunately didn't get any pics.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Safari Must Do in San Antonio

We woke Thursday morning and fed the babies breakfast in the room. We learned at Moody Gardens it's best to feed them food they recognize when they get up and let them graze in the restaurant. After they were fed and cleaned up we went to the hotel restaurant for our breakfast, delicious and fun. Then we loaded up for the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch . WOW, WOW, WOW.... a must do in San Antonio. You drive in your car along the ranch and feed these exotic and many endangered species. It was incredible and sooooo much fun. Since it was off season, we had the park virtually to ourselves... perfect!!! We couldn't believe how tame the animals were and friendly. The ostrich and zebras literally were coming into our car. One zebra did try to take a bite out of our car, but luckily didn't do any damage. When we left we drove back to the hotel and let the kids nap in the car. We finished up the day swimming at the hotel and ate room service before heading off to bed. Cody did better this night.

You have to watch the "When Ostrich Attack Video".... too funny. (Click on pictures to enlarge).

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation Day One - The Suite Life

We had the most WONDERFUL vacation!!! We applied lessons learned on our Moody Gardens overnight and all went much smoother. Still a lot of work, but a LOT OF FUN!!!! We did soooo much that to blog it all tonight would be too much for me, so I will break it up by day.

On Wednesday we drove to San Antonio with one stop to let everyone potty and eat. We have a travel potty in the car which is a must have for us. I do not want to take 3 little bodies to public restrooms... LOVE OUR POTTY. Our potty comes with liners, but to save money and time, I use small trash bags and put a feminine liner in the bottom to absorb. Works great!!!

We got to the Hyatt Hill Country and checked in. We learned in Oklahoma that a suite is worth the money with little ones. We can put them in their room, turn out the lights, then go to our room and watch tv. We tried sleeping everyone in one room at Moody Gardens and learned that was a mistake. The hotel was BEAUTIFUL!!! We explored the grounds, then put on swimsuits and floated on the lazy river around the hotel, then played on the hotel beach. We loaded everyone upstairs, showered, dressed, and went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. Dinner was good, but Kaylee broke a little plate and cried about it the whole evening.

We tried sleeping the triplets in a queen bed at Moody Gardens, but found they were too close for comfort, so this trip we took sleeping bags which worked much better. Cody went into a pack and play... but was not happy the 1st night... he later learned lights out means time to sleep.

Jerry and I fell into bed and thus ended our 1st day in San Antonio.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

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