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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Ten Count Method - Miracle Tool for this Mom

The Ten Count is a tool we use OFTEN around the Hopkins home. Why it works we don't know, but it works most of the time for us.

One night I was brushing the kids teeth and they kept grabbing the toothbrush to try and help me. I told them, "It's Mommy's turn right now, when I am done you can have a turn." When I finished brushing I gave them the toothbrush and told them I was going to count to ten and at ten they had to give the toothbrush back to me. It worked!! When I got to ten, they would each happily turn over the toothbrush. This went on every morning and evening (and continues). It was so successful we then started using it for other things....

"Ok, it's time to get out of the pool..." count to ten and everyone happily gets out.
"You aren't pottying... give Kaylee a turn she needs to go. Ok, you have ten..." At ten a happy child gets off the potty.
"Ok, you can get a drink for ten, then give Addison a turn." At ten the cup is happily handed over.
"Ok, you can touch (fill in the blank) for 10, then you have to put it back" Once again happy child complies.

I've asked Jadon to do things in the past and he says, "Mommy, count." I count and he cooperates.

It works for everything... I don't know why.... but it works and I have shocked many a Mom who has witnessed the miracle of a ten count.

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