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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Single Got Blue

When we brought out the kids Easter baskets there were three rainbow baskets (purchased before Cody was born) and one blue basket. Each child took their basket and Addison exclaimed, "The triplets got rainbow baskets and the single got blue."  The kids are very much aware of their unique status as triplets.

Since the last post, the kids were tested for Kindergarten... yes, tested...  Really? yes....  I thought Kindergarten was grade one, the starting point...  they aren't suppose to know anything yet....  I don't know... crazy.  Even crazier??  I was nervous about the test.  Of course they did ok...  I mean Jadon is a full blown reader and the girls aren't too far behind.  I still can't believe they go to kindergarten in just a few months.

Right now, I've been busy at the preschool.  I stuffed 50 candy eggs, boiled and colored about 25/30 eggs for a carry the egg on the spoon game (remember, I was in charge of games this year) and I know I did more but my mind is a blur....  The kids had a great time at their parties (see pics).

We have also signed the kids up for swim team this summer which involves daily swim practice and meets every Saturday and I can literally hear it sucking money from out wallets...  from the actual cost to participate to having to purchase...  team swim suits ($54/each), a yard sign ($20), flippers ($20/each), goggles, swim caps... and even the towel and trophy ($15/each)....  They had their 1st practice yesterday.... it was hilarious... you'd never know they could swim because the instructors wouldn't let them go and insisted they do a correct free style and back stroke.  Hopefully, they will pick up these new strokes quickly, but they looked so funny trying to master these new and awkward methods of swimming.

Ok, it's actually about time to get ready for swim practice... then karate....  more on Easter soon.
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