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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party

After the celebrating the triplets birthday we went over to the Northampton Halloween party where out new little man stole the show. It was funny given the triplets usually make us the center of attention and they were ADORABLE in their bug costumes, but little Cody was the attention grabber last night as the cutest little sunflower I've ever seen. The babies had a ball running around and dancing to hits like "Thriller" and the "Monster Mash." I smiled the entire evening watching my family play and laugh.
(only wish I could have gotten them to smile for the camera (ha! ha!) such serious faces. Cody was the only one who would smile on film.... go figure. I'll have to try and capture smiles on Halloween.

The Triplets 2nd Birthday

I can't believe it has been 2 years since I waddled into the office of Dr. Kirshon for a routine appointment only to find out I'd be meeting my babies a few hours later that day. Two years!!! While in many ways it has felt like a lifetime, all in all the time has flown by and my babies are TWO!!! It was another great birthday. This year Jerry's mother Barb was able to fly down and help us celebrate. I made the cake again this year which was a zoo theme as the babies are really into animals right now. They got their own "moonwalk" which they love along with many other toys and outfits. The girls got some dress up play clothes (little tu-tu's). Jadon quickly got tired of presents and spent most of the day wandering around the yard with his new "popper" toy and shoes. We lit the candles on the cake three times so each baby could blow them out and we sang happy birthday to each baby so they each had their own moment. Later that evening we went over to the Northampton halloween party (pics to follow) where the babies got to dress up and run around. What a great day!! We are blessed!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our 2nd year at the pumpkin patch

We had a great time. The girls enjoyed everything, Jadon just wanted to run free. That boy LOVES to run.

My babies at 3 months.... Baths

I just wanted to compare them all at 3 months and have a combined bath picture. I love them all wet and clean in the bath each night.

Tx vs O-who???

Well, it was a sad day for my husband, a die hard OU fan, as his team was defeated amidst a group of Longhorns (including his wife). Jerry and I had a party inviting several friends over to watch the Tx/Ou game... all of our friends happen to be Longhorns... in support of my husbands team I dressed the kiddos in their OU gear, but it was not enough for OU to pull out a win....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What has most surprised me about motherhood is how having a baby makes you vulnerable. Before I had my kids, I was pretty happy, footloose and without much care. I never lost sleep worrying about anything and personally felt quite capable of handling any trauma or tragedy that might befall me. But once I had I my babies that all changed. My heart and soul are now vulnerable to pain and I worry about all sorts of things; rashes, coughs, accidents, immunizations, and the list just goes on to the point of ridiculous. I worry to the point of losing sleep and I'm so protective of these little gifts from God. Being a mother is very hard; not only physically but emotionally, but the joy of motherhood is worth every bit of worry and work. Motherhood has filled my heart and soul and I now have so much love that all I want to do is protect it.