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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What has most surprised me about motherhood is how having a baby makes you vulnerable. Before I had my kids, I was pretty happy, footloose and without much care. I never lost sleep worrying about anything and personally felt quite capable of handling any trauma or tragedy that might befall me. But once I had I my babies that all changed. My heart and soul are now vulnerable to pain and I worry about all sorts of things; rashes, coughs, accidents, immunizations, and the list just goes on to the point of ridiculous. I worry to the point of losing sleep and I'm so protective of these little gifts from God. Being a mother is very hard; not only physically but emotionally, but the joy of motherhood is worth every bit of worry and work. Motherhood has filled my heart and soul and I now have so much love that all I want to do is protect it.

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