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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hasta La Vista Valentine's

Oh Goodness,  my Sunday post haven't been going to well...  I promise to do better....

So happenings...  I now have a gold belt karate man.  Yes, Jadon took his 1st karate test and has graduated from white belt to gold belt.  He is soooo proud (probably not as proud as me and Jerry).  Stupid me though...  it never dawned on me to take the video camera and it actually would have been a good thing to tape.  Next belt for sure!!!

I'm glad to see Valentine's day gone.  Not that I'm anti-romance, but the Valentine crafts can be exhausting.  I didn't post last Sunday because I was making 48 valentine goodie bags for the kids classmates.  The teacher asked that each child spell the name of their friend and their name as practice.  So we sat at the table, each with pen & valentine in hand.... "ok, this one is for Franklin...  F-R..."  needless to say.  This took a long time.

I'm also in charge of holiday games for both Cody's class and the triplets class at school, so I made a bean bag toss game with valentines, bells and other foo foo....  So glad Valentine's day is over!!!

I was excited to see that a Valentine photo of Kaylee took 2nd place at I Heart Faces this week.  Woo Hoo!!

Jerry has been traveling more lately, which has been a bummer but I'm thinking he may be home for a while now.... I hope!!!!

Oh, and it's TOTALLY time to drag Jadon in front of the camera!!!!!

DSC_3177c  DSC_3166 
DSC_3194  DSC_3233 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

When I Have A Little Girl

My great grandmother, grandmother, mother and myself were all photographed at 5 years old in the same pose and I always said, someday when I have a little girl she’ll be photographed the same way when she turns five.

Well, the girls are 5. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be taking that treasured photograph.

Here all the photos (and one extra… Cody who refused to be left out). Top Left my great grandmother, Top Right my grandmother, Bottom Left my Mom and Bottom Right, me. Then there is Addison and Kaylee…. followed by Cody.

Scan 2  Scan 3 
Scan  Scan 1 
DSC_2707  DSC_2803 

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Monday night the girls dance class
Tuesday open house at a potential kindergarden and Jadon's Karate
Wednesday ?? home?  I can't remember....
Thursday Jadon's Karate and open house at a potential kindergarden
Friday, no school for the kids... teacher training.
Saturday Jadon's Gold Belt Karate test, birthday party at Chucky Cheese, photo shoot at local High School fundraising event
Sunday Church and Jerry leaves town for several days....

I'm tired....  these are just some of the highlights of the week... it's just been BUSY....

One of my HUGE frustrations with the triplets (Cody is actually pretty good where this is concerned) is getting them to pick up toys and take care of toys....  You literally have to walk behind the triplets picking up after them 24/7 to keep the house under control.  But nap time is the worst... (it's actually quiet play time in the girls room)... they destroy the room and it takes hours to get them to clean it up....

Tonight, I had enough and the toys were all removed from the girls room (except their pillow pets) and put in the play room.  The play room door is now locked.  Tomorrow, I will once again organize the toy room and try to figure out how to handle this problem.  I've locked the toy room cabinets up before and only allowed them one toy at a time, but I found myself constantly going up and down stairs locking and unlocking cabinets....  I'm just soooo frustrated

and.... TIRED!!!  Hopefully, I'll be in better spirits tomorrow.


I also realized I failed to post these photos back from November:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sunday Post

Busy, busy, busy.... my goal for Three Peas and a Bean now that I've just become soooo busy is a Sunday post of the week. So, I'm getting a little head start today and playing a little catch up.

We have actually had some neat things going on.

1st, this week we started teaching the triplets to wipe their own bottoms.  I'm sure nothing you care about, but someday I'll wonder when we made this change and I want it documented.  I'm not sure when most parents attempt this, but the triplets start Kindergarden next year and I think it's expected that they do this on their own.  I'm also getting tired of wiping 4 little hineys all day long.

We also took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked over the weekend.  I was a little hesitant because it's not really an animated movie if it would hold their attention... boy, did I not need to worry....  They were glued to the screen and when I'd look down the row... all I saw were smiles.  I have to say even I enjoyed it.  Super Cute!!!

On Saturday night, Jerry decided to have a movie night outside (he is such a great Daddy).  We had gone to Church and dinner Saturday evening so it was 8:30 before we ever got started, but he made a fire and hot chocolate.  We turned on the outdoor heater and got blankets and pillows and watched The Polar Express.  You just cannot watch the Polar Express without hot chocolate!!  The kids had a blast and got to sleep in on Sunday.

This week is Catholic schools week so Jerry and I started the Kindergarden search.... wish us luck!

Ok, hopefully more on Saturday and some photos...  I've been working on a 5 generation project that I'll be sharing soon.