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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hasta La Vista Valentine's

Oh Goodness,  my Sunday post haven't been going to well...  I promise to do better....

So happenings...  I now have a gold belt karate man.  Yes, Jadon took his 1st karate test and has graduated from white belt to gold belt.  He is soooo proud (probably not as proud as me and Jerry).  Stupid me though...  it never dawned on me to take the video camera and it actually would have been a good thing to tape.  Next belt for sure!!!

I'm glad to see Valentine's day gone.  Not that I'm anti-romance, but the Valentine crafts can be exhausting.  I didn't post last Sunday because I was making 48 valentine goodie bags for the kids classmates.  The teacher asked that each child spell the name of their friend and their name as practice.  So we sat at the table, each with pen & valentine in hand.... "ok, this one is for Franklin...  F-R..."  needless to say.  This took a long time.

I'm also in charge of holiday games for both Cody's class and the triplets class at school, so I made a bean bag toss game with valentines, bells and other foo foo....  So glad Valentine's day is over!!!

I was excited to see that a Valentine photo of Kaylee took 2nd place at I Heart Faces this week.  Woo Hoo!!

Jerry has been traveling more lately, which has been a bummer but I'm thinking he may be home for a while now.... I hope!!!!

Oh, and it's TOTALLY time to drag Jadon in front of the camera!!!!!

DSC_3177c  DSC_3166 
DSC_3194  DSC_3233 


  1. These are so cute! I can only imagine sitting there spelling out all those cards. Sometimes I don't think the teacher has a clue what they are asking of the parent. That was a lot for her to ask of you with having to do it with 4 kids. I can maybe see for parents of 1- but you have a lot on your plate already. :)

  2. Thanks for the follow! What adorable photos!!


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