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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Monday night the girls dance class
Tuesday open house at a potential kindergarden and Jadon's Karate
Wednesday ?? home?  I can't remember....
Thursday Jadon's Karate and open house at a potential kindergarden
Friday, no school for the kids... teacher training.
Saturday Jadon's Gold Belt Karate test, birthday party at Chucky Cheese, photo shoot at local High School fundraising event
Sunday Church and Jerry leaves town for several days....

I'm tired....  these are just some of the highlights of the week... it's just been BUSY....

One of my HUGE frustrations with the triplets (Cody is actually pretty good where this is concerned) is getting them to pick up toys and take care of toys....  You literally have to walk behind the triplets picking up after them 24/7 to keep the house under control.  But nap time is the worst... (it's actually quiet play time in the girls room)... they destroy the room and it takes hours to get them to clean it up....

Tonight, I had enough and the toys were all removed from the girls room (except their pillow pets) and put in the play room.  The play room door is now locked.  Tomorrow, I will once again organize the toy room and try to figure out how to handle this problem.  I've locked the toy room cabinets up before and only allowed them one toy at a time, but I found myself constantly going up and down stairs locking and unlocking cabinets....  I'm just soooo frustrated

and.... TIRED!!!  Hopefully, I'll be in better spirits tomorrow.


I also realized I failed to post these photos back from November:


  1. Wow...busy schedule indeed. Loved these incredible pictures.

    Wish I lived closer. I'd love for you to mentor me.

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  2. Busy busy always equals tired! too many toys sometimes means lack of organized play and just flitting from toy to toy making a mess. What about choosing one toy for 30 minutes of play. This would require some planning and thought to go into which toy and for what purpose to play for a certain amount of time. Just a suggestion. Love all your photos and those brown eyes!


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