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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ABC' and 123's

We survived the summer and a new "school" year is starting (really Mom's day out on Tues/Thurs from 9 to 1). Jerry and I attended a mandatory parent orientation Monday night which was really great. We both left with warm fuzzy feelings as this is a faith based program and everyone is excellent. We got the rules on shoes, lunches, drop offs, etc. The next morning was meet the teacher with the kids and they had a blast playing with all the new toys and kids. Even Cody had fun although he won't be attending, he will be having quality time with Mom. The teachers were impressed that Jadon knew all of his shapes including diamond and Kaylee asked to use the potty while we were there (impressing the teachers) and setting off a chain of toddlers all asking to use the potty. The teachers sang a "Tee Tee in the Potty" song after each child's success. Addison impressed the teachers when Kaylee asked if she could wear the boa (see pics) and Addison said, "Ok, Kaylee" and handed it over. She is very good at sharing her toys. When it was time to go the kids didn't want to leave so I employed the 10 count method and even I impressed the teachers. I'll have to share that little trick in another blog given it works great at stopping meltdowns and leaves everyone happy. I'd say it works 95% of the time. Jerry and I continue to discuss educational options for the kids and we are leaning towards homeschooling, but right now, at this age, this is clearly the right thing to be doing. At such a young age, they need the stimulation and I need the opportunity to get work done. So HURRAY to school starting!!!!

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." Benjamin Franklin

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