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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Recap....


The 1st time the kids tried on their costumes, it was sooo fun given they were new and it was just a quick trial run.

The 2nd time they tried on their costumes it was a real quickie for the grandparents, but our little lion was reluctant to take his off to say the least.

The 3rd time was fun in that it was the real deal, they were getting to wear their costumes to school for the Halloween parade!!!  I painted faces and took pictures....  This time however, the little lion clawed miserably at his costume trying to rip it off in tears and screams....

The 4th time we put on costumes, it was beginning to get old, but we just HAD to go to the neighborhood Halloween party.  It's an annual event we don't miss after all.  Once again, I tried to capture that special shot on film, but was dismayed by the once again screaming lion.  Fortunately, Aunt Pam (in from out of town) calmed him down for a few good photos.

The 5th time we strapped on the Oz wardrobe, it was Halloween!!!  Woo Hoo, I thought....  the last time I'll have to wrestle 4 little bodies into sequins, tights, hats, face paint, fur, and straw...  and now another Halloween has come and gone and I am once again sad it's all over.

I have to say, a good time was had by all and the kids were true to their characters.  They referred to each other as Dorothy, Wicked Witch, Scarecrow, and Lion.  Jerry was the Tin Man and wore the heart.  I was Glenda although without costume, and my Mom was Auntie Em....  It was adorable.

From the back seat of the car.....

Jadon:   "Glenda, Glenda... GLENda,  GLENDA!!!!!"
Me:  "Yes, Scarecrow..."
Jadon:  "I wuv you"


  1. They are too adorable - I love the collage.

  2. Tracey, did you you make those costumes? They are so cute!


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