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Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Year Well Child... Didn't go so well.

The triplets are now 4 and along with that comes the Four Year Well Child exam.  Our appointment was at 3:15 and we got in right away and we left at 5:15.  Not because they were slow, but because you have to cram a lot into that appointment.  Temperatures were taken, blood pressure checked, height, weight, etc.  Then a hearing and eye screen was performed which everyone passed with flying colors.  Then the doctor joined us and looked everyone over and we discussed each child.  Everyone was having a great time up to this point...

When the nurse returned, I had my Mom remove two of the kids and Addison stayed with me...  then the shots began.  She laid, I pulled her pants down and held her hands.  I told her she was gonna get a little pinch, then the torture began...  WHAM... One, Two, Three, and Four.  I took her sobbing out to Mom and brought Kaylee to the torture chamber.

Once again... it began... she actually did ok with shots One and Two, but Thee and Four got her attention.  I took her screaming into Mom.  Addison now had a lollypop and the nurse asked Kaylee if she wanted one.  Kaylee responded with a strong YES.

I took Jadon and he said, "Mom, don't forget I want a lollypop too."  I took him in and he asked, "Mom, why are you pulling my pants down?"  I told him he was going to get a little pinch.  Then WHAM....  his mouth went open and his face went red, but no noise came out until all 4 blows had been delivered.  Then the screams followed and he kept saying, "That hurted me!!!!"  over and over.  To this day, he still calls the shot a little pinch.  "That little pinch hurted me.  I don't want to go back to that bad doctor again."

Jadon and Addison have been very sore since the shot, but are starting to walk around more today and seem better and everyone ran fever the day after the shots.  It was BRUTAL and broke my heart, but everyone is doing great.  Jadon does have low muscle tone which may contribute to his poor eating and we are going to pursue some therapy to help strengthen him, but he is doing great!!

In the car on the way home we told Jadon he could get out his doctor kit and play giving us shots, he said in tears, "NO, I'M GONNA GIVE THE BAD OL' DOCTOR A SHOT!!!!"

Once again, we are on the small side:
32lbs 8oz 28th%
40.5" 66th%

29lbs 8oz 7th%
40.25" 60th%

31lbs 8oz 12th%
40.25" 47th%

Here is the kids growth chart, you can click on it to enlarge:

Jerry is having to carry Jadon because he can't walk since his 'little pinch' still hurts.

And here is a shot of Cody... our big boy and our baby!!!


  1. My children were/are the same way with their weight and height! One of my twins was 43 inches and 44 pounds at his 5 year appoitment and his brother was 41 inches and 36 pounds. He had hit 30 pounds at his 4 year appoitment! Their big/little brother was 38 inches and 36 pounds at his 3 year appoitment.

  2. The day before I read your post, I heard from a friend whose son just turned four, "You're not going to like those four-year old shots!" I guess that's what they have to endure after not having shots since they were 18 months. :(

    Glad everyone was over their shots in time to enjoy their Thanksgiving Fest at school! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


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