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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Gonna Skunk You....

Jerry is upstairs watching football.  Poor guy has to watch his games via DVR after the kids go to bed given you just cannot watch TV with 4 little ones running around.  Fortunately, we don't watch much TV so we don't feel like we are missing anything.

We have been playing a lot of games with the kids the last few months.  Candy Land and Uno Moo are the favorites.  In Uno Moo, if you play the Skunk animal, the next person has to draw another animal (a penalty of sorts).  So, we started saying,  "I'm gonna skunk you."  The term recently has been finding it's way into our daily lives and conversations.  Jerry and I were out one evening and discussing one of his co-workers...  Jerry said, "he just needs to watch himself or he's gonna get skunked."  I can't tell you how often we say skunked around here.

Here are some pictures of recent outdoor play...


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