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Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Dreaming of Disney

Blue Monday.... oh how I hate blue Monday....

We had a super busy weekend starting with the last warm night of the week Friday, we decided to take the kids to the "sandbox restaurant" and let them play, so when we returned home we had 4 very dirty little bodies.  We stripped them down in the garage and had them march straight to the bathroom tub.

Saturday, we ran errands in the morning and when the kids went down for naps, I colored my hair (yes, too much grey) in an effort to get ready for a wedding later that night.  When my parents showed up at 3:45 I was glamourous and ready for a night out.  We drove downtown and attended a truly fantastic wedding.  My parents took the kids to dinner and a movie (Toy Story 3) at the Church.  We were home in bed at around Midnight and up again at 7:00 for Church.  After church we ate a quick lunch then took the kids to see .....

Disney on Ice...  Princess Wishes!!!

They were SUPER EXCITED and the show was fantastic.  There were dragons, fire, fire works, and lots on princesses.  When the show was over Kaylee turned and gave me a huge bear hug then went to Jerry and gave him one.  My legs however are still in recovery from the event.  See, we purchased 6 seats because you have to have a seat for each person, but we only really used 2 seats.  I held two kids and Jerry held two kids, so they could be high enough to see well over the heads in front of us.  By the time the show was over, I couldn't feel my feet!!!

We purchased a $15.00 show program which the kids have looked through many times since and it came with a fake pink rose.  Due to fighting over the rose,  my Mom bought them 4 red roses at the dollar store this morning.  We quickly learned they couldn't remain long stem because Cody kept whacking everyone with them...  now they are 4 short stem roses.


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  1. Your blog is beautiful! Love all of the pretty images of your children. You are a lucky mom!


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