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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank You God... for Stickers???

I was driving the kids home from "school" this afternoon and the conversation went something like this...

Jadon:  I'm going to ask God to make it froggy
Me:  Foggy?  You want it to be foggy?
Jadon:  Yes, that's why God makes it froggy.
Me:  ?  What do you mean?  Foggy?  What does foggy mean?
Jadon:  It means cloudy
(ok, he is in fact saying foggy)
Me:  Yep, you are right God can make it foggy.
Jadon:  God makes flowers grow, and grass grow, and trees beautiful with apples.  God makes everything.
Kaylee:  and beautiful flags (we had just driven past an American flag)
Addison:  and beautiful stickers....

I don't know what it is about kids and stickers, but they are a favorite in our house.

On a side note, I am without camera....  My camera is no longer tripping my external flash remotely (which it used to) and after working with the manager at Ritz camera for about 20 minutes we determined it's the camera, so I've mailed it off for repairs....  I'll go through and find some recent photos to post to keep things interesting.  My favorite part of blogs are the pictures, so I want to keep up our photos until the return of my camera.

On another note...  I picked up our Christmas cards today and was asked to provide the copyright release form.  I told her I took the photo myself and she then had me fill out a copyright release as the photographer.  I told her she made my day!!!!  While I LOVE taking pictures and am always trying to get better, I'd NEVER promote myself as a professional.



  1. I love the sticker comment! I'm sure you'll be glad one day you wrote that down. I think it's definitely a sweet sign of your kiddos' age.

    And congrats on having to sign the release on your Christmas cards...that's cool! :)

  2. We love stickers too! They are EVERYWHERE :) Congrats on the release form, that is wonderful!


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