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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make Room on Santa's Lap... Here We Come....

Friday morning, in an attempt to beat the long lines, we showed up with kids dressed and ready to meet Santa upon opening.  We were about 3rd in line and did in fact beat the crowd which will only get worse as we get closer to Christmas.  The short wait was torture given I had 4 VERY EXCITED and wound up kiddos,  but with the help of my parents we kept them in check.  I wasn't really sure how they would all react this year... would we have tears???  The triplets were ready to tell Santa exactly what they wanted for Christmas and fortunately this years Santa was much nicer than prior years, so he actually listened.

Addison was VERY timid and in a quiet voice told him she wants a Toy Story Jessie doll with the string that makes her talk.

Kaylee was next and whispered to him that she would like a unicorn pillow pet.

Jadon stepped up and in a loud confident voice asked for 10 teddy bears.  Don't ask where 10 teddy bears came from????  The girls have wanted their above items for quiet some time and if you ever ask them what they want for Xmas you will get this same answer.  Jadon... hhhmmm  his items range from Angels to  pixie dust to 10 teddy bears.  He woke up Friday morning and stated he wanted 10 teddy bears!!!

In my closet tucked away is a Jessie doll with the string and a unicorn pillow pet...  I now really would like to find 10 tiny little teddy bears and put them in a bag in Jadon's stocking.  Ahhh, a new quest and challenge!!!  Of course, I'm sure he will want something else by Christmas morning, but he asked Santa for 10 teddy bears and I want Santa to deliver!!!

I was shocked that when asked to smile at the camera Jadon, who normally RUNS from my camera,  looked straight into that camera and flashed smiles until all the pictures were taken.  Cody on the other hand fell back into his comfort habit of sucking on his tongue and jutting out his lower jaw... oh well he still looks cute.  You have to keep expectations low when trying to photograph four munchkins.  I started doing a little digital scrapbooking and added all the "stuff" (frame, words, ribbon, etc.) around the photo.  Kinda fun.

PS.  I am still without camera.  Nikon's estimate for the repair was full of errors (UGH) and I am still waiting for a correct service order.


  1. So adorable! So much fun fulfilling the requests for Santa!


    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love it. My kids are still too afraid to actually sit on his lap! My 10 year old has never done it!!


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