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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Tangled Delight

Last Sunday we decided to take the kids to the movies to see Tangled.  Yes, our 1st feature length movie in a theater.  Crazy idea?  We just didn't know.

The 1st decision, do we take them to the 3D version or the regular...  Hhhhmmmm...  I pictured 4 kids in my head tugging at 3D glasses and whining they can't see.  Ok, No 3D...

2nd decision, do we take them during nap time and hope Cody falls asleep during the movie.  Given he is only 2 he really needs naps and I'm not sure he can sit still for 2 hours.  Let's check show times...  decision made - there isn't a nap time showing.   Ok, we will go to the 5:30 showing.

3rd decision, do we take my parents or boosters???  Will these little bodies sit in the theater chairs?  Will they be able to see? Will we both have 2 kids in our laps?  If they are going to want to sit in laps, do we bring extra laps (My parents)?  4 boosters... too hard.  My parents... they do sooo much and we want to be able to do things solo from time to time.  Ok, no boosters and no parents.

We left the house and got a bite to eat which put us at the theater at 5:00 ish.  Tickets in hand, we found our seats.  1st problem, the kids are too small to hold down the folded theater seats.  They keep going up and folding my children inside.  2nd problem, Cody does not want to sit still.

Then I turned and looked at the little girl in the row behind us....  My eyes lit up like a child's at Christmas.  She is on a booster and I'm pretty sure her Dad sitting next her didn't bring it.  Could it be true???  Theaters have booster????  Please, tell me it's sooooo????  I nudged Jerry and he was off in a flash and came back carrying the most beautiful boosters I've ever seen.  So what that they had a little pop corn butter on them...

From that point on, we sat and enjoyed Tangled without one single issue.  A Christmas miracle perhaps?  Who knows, but it was DELIGHTFUL!!!!

Another miracle...  Addison has allowed me to take a few pictures of her


  1. Glad you all had a wonderful time. I haven't taken Dustyn to a theater movie yet. I am scared. ha ha!

  2. Gotta love booster seats at the movies. Love the pictures too, always fabulous!

    Merry Christmas!



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