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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Have What?

Hashimoto Disease?

After each pregnancy I suffered the common postpartum  hair loss that many women suffer and fatigue that new mom's suffer, but it never seemed to get better.  About 9 months after Cody's birth, I had my thyroid checked by my OB/Gyn, but everything seemed to be in the normal range (where in the range, I don't know)....  so life went on.... but things never seemed normal.

A few months ago, during a carotid artery screen, nodules were noticed on my thyroid.  After two ultrasounds, a biopsy was performed.  

Upon returning to the doctor, I was told I had two issues with my thyroid.  1st, I had nodules which were benign and nothing to worry about.  2nd, I have Hashimoto disease.  Essentially, my body is making antibodies which attach my thyroid slowing decreasing it's function until it ultimately fails.  To be honest, this was good news.....  You can live w/o a thyroid with proper medication.  I will have to be screened and watched throughout my life, but my hormone levels were low and I think we've found the cause of my problems....

I've been on meds about a week now, too soon to see changes, but hoping I seen changes in the next few months.....


  1. I have never heard of this condition. Poor you! I hope all is okay once the thyroxine kicks in. It is amazing what pregnancy can do to the body!

  2. Hope you notice a difference. I have never heard of that before.

  3. Hi Tracy, I am Kim McDougall's mom....love your blog! You have such a gorgeous family! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto after Kim was born. I am on Synthroid and have been for years. Never had any problems since....my nodules never changed size. Just wanted to ease your mind and let you know the hormones work great.

  4. Good luck with the meds. I hope it helps! I have an under active thyroid so I know all about the thyroid. Take care!


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