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Monday, December 20, 2010

Counting Down to Christmas

Another meal is served and bellies are full once again.  Jerry is playing with the kids and I'm taking a moment....

In preparation for Christmas, I still have to get stocking stuffers and wrap a few more gifts, but essentially I am finished and just counting down the days.

Jadon is the one really doing the counting until Christmas because he is absolutely OBSESSED with our Advent calendar.  Each day we open a door on the calendar and find wooden pieces to build a picture of the nativity.  Jadon knows which doors have yet to be opened and he studies the picture and talks about all the pieces.


Kaylee is obsessed with finding Tattle, our elf on the shelf, each morning.  There were a couple nights we forgot to move him and she was soooo bummed he returned to his previous spot after meeting up with Santa.  Since then, we've made sure he visits a new spot every night.  Of course, finding a new spot every night for 24 nights is getting more and more difficult.

Here are a couple shots of the girls.



  1. Gorgeous photos. That advent calendar is awesome. Where did you get it?

  2. I need to get an advent calendar for next year - even if it's just for me....too much fun. And the elf on the shelf - love it. I move Mr. Flick around every day.


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