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Sunday, December 12, 2010

You want to interview ME??? WOW!!!!

A few weeks ago, Nicolasa from My Perspective, contacted me and asked if I'd like to be featured on her "Meet n' Greet Monday" for fellow bloggers who share their lives through photography.  Of course I jumped at the chance to be involved in anything photography related and felt quite honored.  Her blog is amazing and her photos delicious, so check her out and visit her site tomorrow the 13th for my interview.  THANKS Nicolasa!!!

My Perspective

Oh, I had an interesting weekend with regard to photography which I'll be posting soon...  a crazy learning experience!!  Stay tuned.....


Welcome back for another Meet n' Greet Monday! If you haven't been here for this before, I welcome you to sit back and relax as you read about an inspirational blogger who shares their life with us through photographs.

This week's featured blogger is Tracy from Three Peas and a Bean. Her blog is full of amazing photos that you'll want to look at for longer than a few seconds. I just love looking at her stunning photos. Tracy has a natural talent to capture the real moments in her life. She also has some pretty adorable children! :-)

Take a moment to learn about Tracy and stop by her blog to say "Hi!" and follow her blog! You won't regret it!

The Necessary Questions

Where you can find her:

Three Peas and A Bean
How long have you been blogging? What made you start up a blog?

I started blogging August 15th 2008, just a month after the birth of our 4th child. I didn’t know what a blog was, never heard of a blog, but was introduced to a blog through another mother at our church with 6 kids, number 7 on the way. I loved logging on every day and reading about the craziness of her life with 6 kids. I soon realized blogging is a great way to document life and with 4 kids under 2 (at the time), I had a lot to document. At the close of each year, I turn our blog into a book so in January I’ll create volume III, 2010. What I didn’t expect was to find blogging so therapeutic. When the babies go down for naps, I try to escape into blogging whether it’s creating my own posts or diving into the other wonderful blogs out there.

How long have you been interested in photography? Are you a hobbyist, amateur, or professional photographer?
After the birth of the triplets, we had a photographer come to our house to take pictures. The pictures were amazing!!! We had her out again after the birth of Cody and all I could think was I want to capture beautiful pictures of my kids every day, not once a year, so I asked my husband for a camera for Christmas 2008. I spent the 1st year plus with the camera on auto, so I didn’t learn a lot about my camera, but I did learn a TON about Photoshop and now I do photo editing freelance and for the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep organization (http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/). Given I’ve only had my camera off Auto for no more than a year now, I would totally call myself a hobbyist, but I LOVE it!! Prior to all the babies, I lived life in the corporate world working ridiculous crazy hours (although my hours are even crazier as a full time mom) as an Accounting Director. While I love life at home, I missed some of the corporate challenges. Photography and photo editing challenges me beyond my motherhood role and fits nicely into my world.
Team Canon or Nikon?

I’m a Nikon girl
What is your favorite lens to use?
I have three lenses now and most often I shoot with my 50mm 1.4. It allows me to shoot in low light and higher shutter speeds which is important given my subjects are usually not standing still for me in the perfect glow of morning and evening light.

The Photography Details
What is your favorite thing to photograph? Why?
By far, my favorite thing to photograph is my kids. They will never be this little again and I don’t think there is anything in the world more beautiful. They inspire me in every way and push me to continually strive for that perfect portrait. I do wish they would be more cooperative when I pull out the camera. As soon as the camera comes out they run and hide, but I've found M&Ms to be a good bribe.
Do you host a photo challenge? If so, tell us about it. If not, what is the number one photo challenge that you enter weekly?
I do not host a photo challenge, but am a photo challenge junkie. I only wish I had more time so could enter them all every week. It frustrates me beyond words that I have to miss so many challenges. I also strive to comment and return comments as much as possible, but once again time is not my friend.

Ashley Sisk who was featured here recently is my idol. She enters all the challenges, hosts a challenge, and comments like no one I've ever seen.

My favorite photo challenge is I Heart Faces due to the sheer magnitude and pool of talent from newest newbie to seasoned professional. With hundreds of entries each week I love clicking through and seeing amazing shots and creative interpretations of a single theme.

The Fun Stuff

What is your favorite food?
Anything fried... fries, cheese, jalapenos... you name it. Fry it and I’ll probably love it.

What is your favorite season?
Spring!! Everything is beginning to green up again. The leaves are that bright new baby leaf green. It’s getting warm enough to let the kids play outside again... I love it.

What is your current favorite song?
I haven’t really watched TV or listened to music since the babies were born. I watch Dora the Explorer from time to time and in the car listen to the kids cartoons playing on the DVD player, so this is a tough one. When I’m not listening to talk radio, I listen to christian and my favorite song for as long as I can remember is I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me.

Thank you so much Tracy for taking time out to answers these questions and share with us! Don't forget to swing by her blog!

As always if you or someone you know should be featured here on Mondays send me an e-mail!
keepinitinperspective at gmail dot com


  1. Popping over from her site :) Great interview and I can't wait to read more about you. Your photos are just beautiful!

  2. ::::HUGS:::: you are so incredibly sweet. I loved the honesty of your interview and the shout out. I heart you!

  3. Loved your interview on Keepin' It!

  4. Thanks again for taking the time to share with us! :-) Happy Monday!


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