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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Heart Like Hers

The strength and courage of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me.

I was at Walmart picking up our Christmas cards and got to talking to a lovely lady about my photography HOBBY when the cashier asked for a photographers release for the picture I had taken.  She told me she was in fact in need of a photographer for a charitable event.  I told her, "No way... it's just a hobby." But she was sooo nice and funny and said there were no expectations, they just needed the event documented for the charitable status.  When she explained it was for pediatric cancer patients I relented and we exchanged numbers.

I showed up Saturday night a nervous wreck and began taking pictures.  They began showing a slide show of a little girl Morgan and as I watched I soon realized that this precious girl was the daughter of that lovely woman (Dineta) who I had met at Walmart.  This joyous smiling woman and her husband had lost their daughter to cancer.  This charity was founded by them in memory of Morgan.  I was overwhelmed and felt quite blessed to be there.

As the night progressed I heard from doctors, nurses and other parents with cancer stricken children.  By the end of the evening I was fighting back tears not only from the stories but from the love, faith, and strength of little Morgan's parents.  They are truly extraordinary.

A Heart Like Hers is the foundation started in memory of Morgan.  If you have a moment, visit their site, read Morgan's Story and if so moved considered making a donation.

Our Mission is to act as a life-line for resources and a reservior for "Faith" filled encouragement for families living with a pediatric cancer diagnosis, by providing direct finanical assistance for the non-medical aspects of treatment and lending emotional support that encourages and empowers families for the journey.




Now, with regard to my 1st "job"....  I am even more certain that I never want to be a wedding photographer....  4 hours on your feet trying to capture everything and not screw it up....  Think I'll stick with taking pictures of my kids for now, but I give thanks that I met Dineta and came to assist this fabulous organization and group of people.


  1. Wow! That is quite an honor! Looks like you did a great job! How fun!

  2. What a special event to get to be a part of...and I can only imagine how much they appreciated the gift of your time and talent.

    I honestly don't allow my mind to wander very far in such directions, but it doesn't take much to remind us how much we have to be thankful for in the way of our healthy children.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures!


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