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Friday, November 5, 2010


I am soooo glad it's finally Friday and I can sleep until 8:00 tomorrow.  For the 1st time since the kids started school right after their 2nd birthday, I came home after dropping them off yesterday and crawled back up in bed and watched a movie (My Sister's Keeper).  Cried through the whole thing, but sooo enjoyed the escape into another world for 2 hours.  "Me time" is hard to come by around here, so this was a nice break.

The other night we were eating dinner:
Kaylee:  "Hey Mom, Hey, Hey..... Hey."
Me:  "Kaylee, Hay is for horses, what do you say?"
Kaylee:  "Excuse me....  I was just trying to have a conversation with you."

Where did she learn this???  She is our most advanced socially and amazes me with what she comes up with.

Jadon on the other hand thinks he's a cow right now, so conversation with him go more like this.
Me:  "Jadon I need you to come and get your teeth brushed."
Jadon:  "No, I'm Baby Cow."
Me: "Ok, Baby Cow, I need you to come and get your teeth brushed."
Jadon:  "Ok, Mommy Cow."

Well, the kids are out back playing, so I think I'll join them.


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