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Friday, July 30, 2010

Monster Invasion...

Last night Kaylee woke up screaming and crying.  Jerry went up and I overheard her say her toe was hurting.  I recalled her toe looking a little red yesterday, so I then laid in bed worrying that she got a spider bite or something and her toe would have to be removed...  Jerry at this point was asleep again, but me no... wide awake and I never heard another peep out of Kaylee.

This morning I woke the girls and immediately looked at Kaylee's toe which looked like it had a small abrasion, but overall was fine.  Upon waking, she told me there was a monster in her room last night and she was afraid.  Ah, the real story.

At first, I didn't think much about it, but then her story got strange and even gave me the creeps!!!  She said the monster came in her room, but she thought it was Daddy.  It looked at her in her bed then went and stood by the windows.  She thought it was Daddy but it had "Silly Eyes, not like ours."  She pulled the covers over her head and it went away.  OK, CREEPY!!!!  I don't blame her for screaming during the night... poor thing.

Of course, Addison wanted to get in on the act and began describing her monster.  Yea, not so creepy.


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  1. So I completely agree that Kaylee's nightmare was very creepy. That's always been the kind I had - not drooly monsters! BUT reading about it made laugh so hard and I needed that. Too funny.


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