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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is this our intent???

Well, another weekend is behind us and we are exhausted....  did we go on a trip?  did we work in the yard?  did we run a marathon????  no...  we had our typical weekend with the kids....

We had a great weekend, but once again it was tiring.  We took the kids to the local pool on Saturday (twice) which is a story in and of itself but I'll keep that story for Kaylee when she is older...  we went out for meals...  went to Church and the local shopping mall....  still, we are exhausted...  The kids just require soooo much parental help.  Getting dressed, teeth brushed, bottoms wiped, carseats buckled, spills wiped up, noses blown, sunscreen applied, shoes on, clothes on, beds made and the list goes on....

A few weeks ago on Sunday night as Jerry and I were going to bed he asked, "Is it our intent to exhaust ourselves every weekend?"  No, but it just seems to work out that way....

We took the kids to the Disney store at the mall Sunday and as we were leaving Kaylee said, "They sure have beautiful stuff in that store."



  1. Beautiful pictures, as always! And our girls have those Bumkims bibs. I think they are the greatest bibs ever!

    We "only" have twins, and it exhausts me going to the store, or to the park...I know it's at least twice as exhausting for you! But I know our girls really enjoy getting out and about, so I try to suck it up every couple of days. :)

  2. Stopping by from Multiples and More~
    We often say the same thing sometimes. Why do we do all the things that we do. But in the grand scheme of life, its all about the kids and what makes them happy. In 20 years we might just look back and some how wish for these days again!


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