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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Going On

Today was the kids last day at The Little Gym and now we are counting down to the start of "school."  I have to say the summer has passed quickly and we've had a great time.  I've been working hard the last few weeks trying to make our house a home.  Painting, rugs, pictures and draperies have been added and it's looking cozy.  I'll have more time to work on the house when I have  2 mornings a week free again while the kids are in school.

Just some funny stuff...  In the mornings when feeding the kids I tell them they have to eat breakfast.  It's fuel for their bodies like we put gas in our cars.  At dinner the other night I asked Kaylee if she wanted anything else to eat.  She responded, "No thank you, I have gas."
Little by little the triplets are letting Cody join in their games and I'm sooo happy to see him growing and taking his place among them.  Last night, he was the roaring monster and chased them squealing through the house.  He was sooo happy to be part of the play and would give me a HUGE smile when he ran by me.

OH, thought this was kinda cool.  My Mom told me she talked to by brother and he had taken a photo of Lane (my nephew) I took to have it printed and framed somewhere.  He was told they cannot print copyrighted photos without the photographers consent thinking they were professional.... HA!!!!  He told them his sister took the photos....  WOW!!!  Thought that was pretty cool!!!!



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