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Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Beast, Two Princesses

My Dad and I took the boys for haircuts yesterday (they do start "school" next week).  We go to a local barber shop and they use compressed air blowers to blow hair off necks and collars.  Well, the blower is a bit noisy and Jadon has never been a big fan of noise.  He used to HATE haircuts, but now he tolerates them and covers his ears when the blowers come on.  We always tell him he is a hairy beast and Mr. Cecile (our barber) has to turn him into a handsome prince.  He really like the analogy.  After his haircut yesterday...

My Mom: "Jadon, you look like a handsome prince."
Jadon:  "Yes, I do....  And I have two princesses.  Their names are Kaylee and Addison and I love them."

How sweet was that???  He is such a good boy!!

Oh, did I mention we are passing ear infections around???

Hhhhhmmmmm.... How many dwarfs can fit in one shoe????



  1. Oh, what a sweet thing for him to say! That's one of those "wedding day quotes"...if it won't make his future bride (when he's 35) too jealous! :)

  2. How sweet! Every so often, they surprise you with the great things that come to their minds.

  3. Beautiful..I love the close up..especially the little space between his two front teeth! And...what a sweet quote from you boy!


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