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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Door knobs to Dreamy....

As you know, we moved to a new home back in January.  It is a new build and therefore it's a "clean slate."  My 1st goal was to get the kids rooms decorated and finished.  Well, 6+ months later it is still a work in progress.

I have a set of plates with kittens on them I want to put along a shelf over the window along with some Madam Alexander dolls I had as a girl. And I want to recover the pillows on the beds to match the bedshirts.  But you can see a lot has been done... pink paint & wainscoting etc.
In the alcove, I want to put in a window seat with a seat cushion matching the beds. The room isn't complete, but it's getting close....

A LOT more work is required in the boys room.... First is to get them new furniture. Cody is ready to get out of his crib, so I want to get them some dark furniture. I want to put their new twin beds along 2 walls and put a shelf unit in the space where the headboards meet. Their theme is transportation... planes, trains, autos, motorcyles... etc.  I'll post pictures when it's complete, cause I want to share this with the kids when they get older...

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