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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Change of Scenery

Jerry and I were getting a little stir crazy and decided to take the kids on a "mini" vacation, so Jerry took off Friday and when we woke the kids we told them we were going to a nearby lake for the night and they would get to sleep in a hotel.  SOOOO excited we packed (huge effort) and headed off.

We checked in at the resort and rented a pontoon boat for 3 hours.  This was the kids 1st time on a boat and they were pretty excited, however Jadon was a bit emotional because he was really wanting to do the waterpark... more on that in a minute.  We cruised the lake and then docked the boat and had lunch at a restaurant on the lake (Addison had sunscreen in her eye, hence the squint in the photo).  We had about another hour left on the rental so we checked out the fancy houses while a couple of boys napped.

When we got back to the hotel, we headed to the waterpark... SOOO COOOOOLLLL. The kids had a blast. After a while Jadon insisted on going down the BIG slide (not pictured, but it was big)... amazingly, he did it and was fine until he hit the water and it went up his nose. So much for that. After about two hours everyone was crying and we thought we'd lost our minds trying to do anything with them all, so we headed to the room for a "rest." We put on some TV and took a much needed time out. After that we drove to a neat Mexican restaurant and had a lovely dinner.

Back at the hotel we swam until 8:00, then went down to the beach for s'mores. Cody thought heating the marshmallows was great, but melted down we went to make the s'mores.... no concept of what we were doing.. He soon mellowed out when he tasted the chocolate. One more run down the lazy river and we were off to baths and bed.

The next morning we woke and had breakfast, swam a bit more, then headed home worn out.

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