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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chit Chat

Earlier this week Addison was chowing down on broccoli... go figure Addison, Kaylee, and Cody love it...  I said, "WOW, Addison is really going to town on that broccoli."
Last night, Addison was eating pasta and Kaylee said, "Addison is going to the town."  What memories!!!  Although, she was off just a bit.

The other day in the car Jadon wanted some of my soda.  I told him  no and he got very upset.  I responded with a "MOMMY SAID NO"....  He followed up with.... "NO, GIRLS SAY 'YES' AND BOYS SAY 'NO...  your suppose to say YES."  Not sure where he got this idea, but somehow it struck me funny.  Having two sisters, we have to teach Jadon often about what is for little girls and what is for little boys...  bows, glitter shoes, tu-tus... all for little girls.  Jadon wants only things blue.  You may recall at Easter he only collected blue eggs....

Here are a couple shots of Addison I took recently...


  1. gorgeous shots! she is precious :)

  2. I have 3 out of four kids who love broccoli!! What are the chances!!

    Your pictures are seriously breathtaking!


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