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Monday, August 9, 2010

Stumbled Across Fun... Woo Hoo


We really had a GREAT weekend!!  Once again, we started the day trying to come up with ideas to entertain the kiddos and decided to drive to an outlet mall on the other side of town so Jerry could go to the Bass Pro Shop.  We are planning to rent a house on the beach in September (weather permitting) and he wanted to look at some beach gear.  The store is huge with animals that have been stuffed so the kids got to see bears, raccoons, deer, etc.  and there is a fish tank with a waterfall into it.  They loved it.  We then went to the coolest restaurant called The Rain Forest Cafe which is like eating in a Jungle with automated animals and thunderstorms every 30 minutes.  The 1st thunderstorm scared Kaylee, but she soon realized they were harmless.  Addison let us know she's not afraid of anything.  Cody was soooo good just looking around at all the eye candy.  It was FUN!!!  We then ordered a dessert which comes with a sparkler on top!!!  WAY COOL!!!  The kids said their dessert had fireworks on it.  After that we took them to the food court where there was a pool with clear ball which you could get in and play in....  of course, the triplets had to do this.  They rolled and fell and giggled all around the pool.  Looked like a blast even for an adult.  We then rode the carousel and the train....  VERY FUN!!!  We then drove home and the let the kids nap....

When we got home it was still early so we went in the backyard and turned on the sprinkler and of course I pulled out the camera.  By this time, the kids hadn't gotten their typical nap and we started to get a lot of tears and timeouts....  so we headed in for baths and took it easy til bedtime.

Sunday, we all went to Church and lunch with my parents, came home an napped, then went to my parents house and swam for 3 hours from 4 til 7...  we headed out for dinner then rushed home for baths and bed.

Yes, exhausted again, but fun....



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