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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bed Bugs

As I've mentioned previously the girls have taken up sleeping in the same bed.  The other morning, I couldn't resist grabbing the camera and taking a few pictures of them.  It didn't take long before the flash started to ruffle some feathers and I got some grumpy faces.

On another note.... Cody pooped in the potty yesterday.  He said he needed to poop and dropped a small one out of luck I think.  He loves to sit on the potty like the triplets, but hasn't really made the connection with regard to what he is suppose to do once on the potty, but I think he is ready to start potty training.  Given he is so young, we aren't going to push it, but let him try when he wants to.

Woo Hoo, my parents are sitting tonight so I get a date night with my husband!!!!





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