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Friday, July 2, 2010

Safety Issue Scare

A day of posting....  There are several things I want to post, but just haven't had time so today I'm going to try and get it all posted.  Ok, here is my 1st post of the day....

Wednesday morning I was in the laundry room getting a load going.  When I finished I walked around to the living room to find my 23 month old son three steps from the 2nd floor on the outside of the banister.  He had climbed the outside of the banister and was near the top.  The ceilings in our home are VERY high and so our stairs are VERY high.  Scared to death, I quickly and quietly ran to the top of the stairs and pulled him over the banister.  I didn't want to fuss at him until he was safe.  My heart was racing and I was shaking....  once things calmed down my parents and I started to determine how to secure the banister (never mentioned in baby safety recommendations).  We explored several complex options before we finally realized I have a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in front of the lower banister (in the pic below).  This problem is solved, but I'm sure he will find something else to test me.... 

Check back later today for more posts!!!!

Picture this small child on the 3rd step from the top!!!

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