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Friday, July 2, 2010

Monsters & Spiders...

For those of you just checking, my goal is to have several posts today & play a little catch up.  This is my 2nd of the day so scroll down and see all that is going on in our crazy life.

Yesterday, we were a little weary...  Kaylee had a scary dream at 2:00 and proceeded to wake the entire house.  A spider was after her...  she was put back to bed, only to start crying again 30 minutes later...  once again she is put back to bed with a stern warning this time.  The next cry out is that Cody is in their room...  He is taken back to bed and scolded firmly.  Now, the girls are talking... I find them in bed together with their knees up.  "Look at that Mommy." WHAT????  "That"...  I pick up the blanket at the foot of their bed and they jump.  "It's just a blanket...!!!"  They relax....  It's now 4:00 and the house is once again silent, but I'm wide awake....

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