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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Baby is TWO!!!

Two years ago Sunday morning I was having our 4th and final child Cody.  It's actually hard to believe we have only had him 2 years because it's hard to remember life without him.  When I was pregnant with him, I wondered who he was going to be like... Addison, Kaylee, or Jadon...  We know now that he is his own unique self.  1st... he is a bruiser!!!  He currently weighs the same as the triplets.  He is hard headed and strong willed and he likes to fight...  He keeps me on my toes and keeps the pace around the house hectic, but he is my little man and I  love him beyond words.  Without question someday he will be taller and stronger than the triplets, but he will ALWAYS be my "Baby."

This years theme was Noah's Ark and here is the cake I made for the event:

We celebrated at "Pump it Up"!!! The kids and adult kids had a great time jumping and sliding. Even my 84 year old grandmother went down one of the slides!!!!  (I may post action shots of all the fun later... too much on my plate right now...)



Jerry's mother Barb flew in to town for the special day!!!  Cody's not too happy in this shot.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my handsome little man!!!!!

Here are the kids Stats...


  1. That cake is amazing! Did you make all the components from icing? Seems like another great talent of yours! :)

    And I love the spreadsheet with your kiddos' stats. I have ours in a notebook, which I refer to as my Baby Bible. That's a great comparison tool...very interesting.

    Happy birthday Cody!

  2. O.K....I can't believe you made that cake. Well..I guess I can because you are dripping with talent but O MY WORD!! So cute. I was going to post pics of my sorry little cupcakes I made for S-girl but think I will refrain! ha ha

    Happy Birthday, Cody!! Sounds like you are quite the little boy!!


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