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Friday, July 2, 2010

Brotherly Love

Here is post 3 of the day in my attempt to catch up on things and bring the blog up to date.  This blog is for my kids ya' know so I gotta capture all I can....

As you know, Cody started climbing out of his crib so we converted to a toddler bed.  When we bought his crib it was the 4th crib moving into our home, so we bought safe, but not expensive.  Hence, no bed rail to keep him from falling out of bed.  Our solution was we put the crib side back on but touching the ground so it's just high enough on the side to keep him from falling out.  He can climb out, BUT once out he cannot get back in - slight problem. 

The other morning after waking the girls, we went to the boys room and noticed the door was opened.  I knew he had gotten out of bed and expected to find him playing in his room.  I found him in Jadon's bed sleeping HARD with his big brother....  TOO CUTE!!!!  He now has a small step stool so he can get back in bed until he fully understands "NO GETTING OUT OF BED"!!

I can't say we are fostering a strong brotherly love in the house however, we taught Jadon to call us whenever Cody gets out of bed...  Is it ok to teach tattling?

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