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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kee Yah!!

Jadon recently started Karate.  Only Jadon...  We had the option of signing up two kids and the other two get to go for free, but I really wanted Jadon to have something he didn't have to share with the girls.  I contemplated signing up Cody, but 4 kids doing activities gets very expensive and he is still so young.  I'm sure we will sign him up when he turns 4.

I can't put into words how much Jadon LOVES Karate.  I have to say the other kids can get a bit out of control, but Jadon is AWESOME.  He can generally get pretty silly, but in class he honestly doesn't let the other kids influence his behavior and takes pride in being good.  He also knows if he's good and sits up straight, he will get called on first for activities.

Being my loving soft spoken boy... I love the pride and confidence which is growing by leaps and bounds with this program.  "You Go Boy"!!!!!



  1. That is awesome- it's so good for them to have something they love to do!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thinking of you guys!


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