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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ho Ho Ho....Let it Snow!!

Last Tuesday, it seemed like a good time to load up the kids so they could take their Xmas lists to Santa and I could get a picture of them all.  I opted not to take my camera and just purchase the photos taken by the "pros"...  well, perhaps I should have taken my camera since the photos I purchased were very low resolution and the color balance was WAY off....  my kids were purple.  You can visit the Shabby Jack blog for the before shot.  This is after my "fixes" which are still weak given the poor quality I had to start off with.

Regardless of the photos, the experience was nothing but fabulous.  We've done this every year, but this year they changed this up a bit.  1st, they made it snow in the mall!!!  Before Santa's arrival the snow machines on the second floor started and down came soft real looking foam snow that gathered in our hair for a while before melting.  It was BEAUTIFUL and smelled lovely.

Then Santa showed up in his red pants, boots, undershirt, and suspenders.  He was a splendid Santa with personality to match!!  He started on the second floor with his arrival announced with sleigh bells before coming down the escalator to join the kids.  It was truly a magical moment which left us all smiling.

I helped the kids make lists the night before and they showed Santa what they wanted... no rush, no hurry... he was wonderful with them!!

THANKS, Santa!!!



  1. That's a great picture! They all look so happy. My kids are terrified of Santa. TERRIFIED.

  2. Now that is a great shot Tracy! Beautiful!


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