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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Couple of First

The kids had their 1st dental visit last week.  I had asked if it would be better to bring them all in at different times, but they said it wasn't necessary and I could bring them all at once.   Well, let me just say... they have a slick operation going....  great play areas while waiting, 4 cleaning chairs manned with super friendly ladies to clean the teeth, dental x-rays right there, and another play room...

We had one getting x-rays while the 3 were getting cleaned and it just rotated from there.  As they finished up, they moved on the play area until everyone was done!!!  Then it was a quick check by the dentist and we were out the door with prizes in hand...  WOW!!!

The facility was top notch and the kids did a PHENOMENAL job...  no fussing or fears... they hopped up and opened up.  They LOVED it!!!  They were given a clean bill of health and were sent home happy for another 6 months.

The other 1st????  I took pictures with my phone....  nope, never done that before....  can't say they turned out great... but I was able to capture our 1st trip to the dentist.

IMAG0003  IMAG0021 
IMAG0006  IMAG0004 


  1. Now that is awesome! We had a great pediatric dentist that was the kids first when we lived up north. I miss them- they were awesome. Now we go to a regular one but fortunately the kids had such good experiences with the first office that they don't fear it.

    Love that last shot! Super cute & I always think it's great when places like that will accommodate all the kids at once so we don't have to make multiple trips.

  2. Wow...that was with you phone???? AMAZING!! Great shots of a special day.

    Those dentists know how to do it!

    Glad it was a good experience for them all♥

  3. I'm not going to lie - the one with 3 of them lying on the tables was a hoot! I do love it when you have a dentist who can work the schedule like that! So glad it was a great success!


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