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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Celebrities on the move with 4 onboard

As mentioned in an earlier post we tend to attract attention wherever we go. Earlier this year however we were featured on the cover of The Triplet Connection magazine which was a treat and I was able to write an article to accompany it. The first line of the article is "I always wanted four babies..." Two months after writing the article I found out I was pregnant again with baby number four. Funny how things work sometimes.

Yesterday, the photographer who took the cover photo for the magazine (also the picture hanging over our fireplace in black & white) came out to the house to shoot a new family portrait with the new baby. I was dreading this shoot knowing the impossibility of getting 2 adults, 3 toddlers, and a newborn all to sit still for a camera, but I desperately wanted a new picture for the fireplace mantel with the entire family. Today, all I can say is I'm glad it's over and I'll be happy if I can just get a picture where everyone's eyes are open. Within minutes of sitting for our 1st pose, Kaylee decided to have a temper tantrum and Jadon a meltdown, but I have to say Addison our little diva was posing nicely and after about 20 minutes of torment I sent Jerry to the playroom to calm the triplets down while Cody got some solo shots. OK, time to try again as everyone sounds happy with Dad.... HA!! We brought everyone back in and as soon as we said lets all sit and pose for the camera (in our happy voices) the meltdowns started up again. I truly feel sorry for Jamie our photographer as I'm sure she is dreading sending out the proofs from this shoot. Once again... if everyone's eyes are open (except Cody's of course)... then I'm happy.

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