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Friday, June 19, 2009

Never thought I'd be saying this....

One of the kids favorite movies is The Little Mermaid where "the bad octopus lady, Ursula" takes the little mermaids voice in exchange for giving her legs. Well, one night the kids were singing like the little mermaid and pretending to take each others voices. The next day in the car, I hear Addison having a meltdown... "Kaylee took my ????" I couldn't understand her. Finally, I was able to go back and she cried out "Kaylee took my voice" with eyes full of tears.

"Kaylee, give Addison her voice back." Later on in the stroller.... "Girls, leave each other's voices alone or you will go to time out." This is now a regular problem and I often have to tell them to stop touching each other's voices.

Sometimes I wish I could take their voices for a while and stick them in my pocket to get some peace and quiet, but thought this was too funny.

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