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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let the potty begin...

Yes, this week I started potty training. I have put it off as long as possible because I know life will get harder once they are potty trained. Sounds funny and most people are shocked to hear me say that, but right now I never have to make trips to a filthy public restroom because someone has to potty. I don't have to worry about Jadon laying on the restroom floor while I hold Kaylee over the toilet trying to keep her from touching anything. I don't have to yell at Addison to leave Cody's stroller alone and stop playing with the toilet paper.

I don't have to stop in the middle of cooking eggs, feeding Cody, or calling the bank to go assistance in pulling down and pulling up pants.... hopefully you see where I'm going with this. I can change a diaper in record time and not miss a beat, but now I have to deal with potties. But my goal has always been to have them trained by 3 so it is now time to start.

Right now, it's been 2 good days of training and the girls seem to understand what is expected of them and are doing ok. We have had a few accidents, but they understand the goal. Jadon, poor guy, just doesn't get it yet. Therefore, the plan now is to focus on the girls and once they are trained I'll start working on Jadon.

The 1st day was comical. I put them all in underwear and poured liquids into all of them. After a couple accidents the light bulb clicked on with the girls and I spent the rest of the morning pouring tee tee into the toilet and doing the tee tee dance. I'm not kidding... they would tee tee, flush it, then go back and tee tee more. I couldn't believe they could keep squeezing it out!!!! Jadon, just had accidents in his pants. By that afternoon the novelty had worn off and it was one accident after another including going the dreaded #2 in the pants. I was frustrated... the next day we got back to business and it's been going pretty well since. Everyone say a prayer this is all over with soon... it's a LOT OF WORK!!!!

P.S. The plan is to get a travel potty for the car in order to avoid public restrooms.

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