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Friday, August 28, 2009

A cheerful heart is a good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

The morning started at 4:30 this morning given we had to be at Memorial Hermann Surgery Center at 6:00 for Cody's eye surgery. I haven't been up this early in a long time, but had no trouble waking due to anxiety regarding the upcoming procedure. I encouraged Jerry to work since this is his busiest time of the month; something which he did reluctantly, so Dad went with me. Cody once again had another eye infection so I was ready to get this done. We checked in and were soon called back to an exam room where they took all of Cody's vitals and put him in a little hospital gown with clowns and elephants on it. We spoke with the anesthesiologist and the surgeon and they assured us all would be fine. Cody was given a "happy drug" and then taken away from me. I watched as he exited through the surgical wing doors. The procedure was to take about 30 minutes and I did fine up to the point it had been 30 minutes with no word. Then my mind started to wander to horrible places. Not long after we were called back and spoke with Dr. Miller. The surgery had gone well, but the ducts were not only blocked with a tissue membrane, but bone (soft bone). They broke through the bone, put in a balloon to stretch things out, then silicone tubes which will remain for at least three months. When Cody woke he was inconsolable.... to the point I sent my Dad to Walgreen's for a bottle in hope the sucking would calm him down.... hurray, that worked. He sucked down one bottle of diluted juice and at the encouragement of the nurses we gave him another on the car ride home. Not long after getting home he reenacted a scene from the Exorcist and expelled all the juice; all over me and the kitchen. The rest of the day I have fought to console him and to keep him from rubbing his eyes. I look forward to falling into bed, but before I fall asleep I will thank the Lord for keeping him safe today, I will pray that this takes care of the problem, and I will give thanks for my children, my husband, and my wonderful parents who are always there when I need them.

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