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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Why am I always behind??? I have to clean out the kids clothes AGAIN... what have the girls outgrown, what can Jadon pass down to Cody and what has Cody outgrown. Then I have to swap out the summer clothes with winter clothes. I have to wrap my nephew's baptism gift. I have to burn our videos to discs (way past due) and make copies for grandparents. Time to balance the checkbook again. Planning to mulch flowerbeds myself due to unreasonable quotes we received for this service. Laundry... nothing to be said here as it always needs to be done. Need to clean photos off camera so I can take pics of the upcoming baptism and some photos of my brother's new baby. Need to order checks as I'm on my last book. Bought an Ipod holder which turned out not to fit which needs to be returned.... the list goes on. All this being said, I thought this cartoon was funny.
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